“Why didn’t you call that sh*t?” LeBron James gets on to the Referee after not calling out

After the Los Angeles Lakers lost 101-99 to the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the 2024 NBA Playoffs’ first round, LeBron James, the Lakers’ star player, was seen expressing frustration to a referee. He was upset about not getting a foul call during the game’s final minute, which he mentioned again after the match to the referee.

LeBron James asked the referee, “Why didn’t you call the and one? Why didn’t you call that sh*t? It was right in front of you.”

He wanted a foul called after making a layup that put the Lakers ahead 99-97 with 47 seconds remaining. However, Jamal Murray of the Nuggets made two crucial mid-range shots, including one at the buzzer, securing the win.

LeBron James had an impressive performance with 26 points, eight rebounds, 12 assists, two steals, and two blocks, leading the Lakers despite their loss. The defeat marked the Lakers’ tenth consecutive loss against the Nuggets since last year, with LeBron playing in nine of those games and the team not winning any.

Can LeBron James and his team still win the first-round series?

The LA Lakers are facing a tough situation, trailing 0-2 after a tough loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game 2. In their last game, they had a big lead of 20 points going into the second half, but unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on, and Jamal Murray’s buzzer-beater added to their defeat.

Despite this tough situation, it’s important to remember that the series isn’t over yet. The Nuggets still need two more wins to move on to the next round. While many Lakers fans are feeling down after the Game 2 defeat, there are some positive takeaways to consider, giving hope for a potential Lakers comeback.

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