Why LeBron James’ youngest son to Depart Sierra Canyon? exploring reasons behind career decision

Something new is about to happen in Bryce James’s life as he is on the way to making big changes in his uprising career. The youngest son of the legendary basketball player is in a rush to leave his current school, Sierra Canyon, and move to Campbell Hall.

So, let’s explore why Bryce is making such a decision and discover his potential as a future basketball star.

Why is Bryce James leaving Sierra Canyon for Campbell Hall?

Bryce James is the second child of LeBron James and his dear wife Savannah James. He is 16 years old and was born on June 14, 2007. At the time of his birth, his father was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and was at the peak of his stardom.

Watching his father, Bryce grew up with an immense interest in the sport and wants to build a strong career in the same genre. He had been a student of Sierra Canyon for some years and recently, the news of his shifting to Campbell Hall created headlines.

However, the exact reason behind making such a move is still in the dark as neither he nor his family made any concrete comment on the issue.

When is Bryce James NBA Draft eligible?

Bryce will remain in high school for the entire 2023-2024 season and in the year 2026, he can make his first move towards NBA Draft eligibility.

Who is better? Bryce or Bronny?

Since the youngest James kept his toe on the basketball court, people started comparing him with his elder brother Bronny. Both of them have their own unique style of playing. However, Bryce’s performance is more satisfactory compared to Bronny’s high school performance as per many.

Well, whatever the case, time will tell who is the greatest between the two junior James.

Like father, like son. As Bryce had been following his father and elder brother’s footstep, he might make solid fame in basketball. And who knows he might occupy his father’s place in the future becoming the next LeBron James. Fingers crossed!

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