Why you’re ducking Khamzat Chimaev? Fans react to Paulo Costa challenging Jan Blachowicz and claiming to save UFC 288 event

Paulo Costa, the former UFC middleweight contender, has recently been making headlines for his beef with Khamzat Chimaev. However, it seems that Costa is now trying to shift the narrative by offering to “save” the troubled UFC 288 event and calling out Jan Blachowicz.

Paulo Costa offers to fight Jan Blachowicz

In a recent social media post, Costa claimed that he was willing to step up and fight at UFC 288, which is currently without a main event. He also took a shot at Chimaev, who he has been feuding with on social media for weeks.

“I’m ready to save the UFC 288 event,” Costa wrote. “Unlike some fighters who are scared to fight, I’m always ready to step up. Let’s go!”

Jan Blachowicz Claims Paulo Costa Turned Down Recent Fight Offer, Costa  Responds - MMA News | UFC News, Results & Interviews

Costa’s comments come after it was announced that the scheduled main event for UFC 288, a title fight between Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira, had been postponed due to Teixeira testing positive for COVID-19. Costa, who has been looking for a high-profile fight since his loss to Israel Adesanya, saw an opportunity to insert himself into the conversation.

In addition to offering to “save” the UFC 288 event, Costa also called out Blachowicz, the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion. In a separate post, he challenged Blachowicz to a fight and questioned the legitimacy of his title reign.

Warning Blachowicz, Costa claimed that he is ready to take the belt. Costa audaciously mentioned that Blachowicz is not a real champion. The Brazilian also vowed to prove his words.

While Costa’s offer to “save” the UFC 288 event may have been a welcome gesture for UFC officials, it’s unclear whether he will actually get the opportunity to fight at the event. UFC President Dana White has not yet commented on Costa’s recent posts, and it’s unclear who the promotion has in mind to replace Teixeira in the main event.

Fans did not spare Costa

Fans, on the other hand, did not spare Costa. They took brutal dig which is borderline body shaming. Some claimed that “Fat Paulo” is returning. While some pointed out that Costa is evading Chimaev.


As for Costa’s ongoing feud with Chimaev, it seems that the two fighters are no closer to settling their differences. Chimaev recently took a shot at Costa on social media, calling him a “chicken” for avoiding the fight.

Despite the drama surrounding his feud with Chimaev, Costa remains focused on getting back into the Octagon. The Brazilan born is adamant about proving that he is still one of the top fighters in the world. Whether “the Eraser” will get the chance to “save” the UFC 288 event or challenge Blachowicz for the light heavyweight title remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that Costa will continue to make headlines with his bold statements and impressive performances in the cage.



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