World Cup champion Enzo Fernandez agrees to join Man Utd and Liverpool rival

Enzo Fernandez used the World Cup as an opportunity to show off his talent, emerged as the competition’s “Young Player,” helped Argentina in winning the World Cup for the first time in 36 years, and is currently expected to sign with a Premier League heavyweight club.

As the Winter transfer window approaches and some players are anticipated to see a rapid increase in value following the World Cup, the transfer market is well and truly consolidated.

Currently playing for Benfica, Enzo Fernandez is only 21 years old and has the technical ability to fit into any system, has big giants across Europe vying for his services. 

Benfica reckons the Argentine to be worth $120 million and has already mentioned that they won’t even speak to anyone until their demand is met.

Chelsea is now looking for a midfielder as Cante is long-term injured and they need young players like Jorginho, Kovacic has left very little football in them. With Enzo Fernandez, they see the future and they are considering him very seriously.

Earlier, Benfica turned down a bid of around $100 million from Chelsea and they want them to come back with a more sublime offer while both are still in negotiations with Chelsea wishes to finalize the deal as quickly as they can. Reportedly, Enzo seemed to be keen to join them will certainly boost their chances.

Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Liverpool were among the teams that expressed a desire to sign Enzo Fernandez, but it seemed that none of them are willing to spend a lot of money on a player who, if you exclude the World Cup, has very little experience in big games.

Instead, Liverpool is focused on Jude Bellingham, whom they consider their future superstar and leader.

Enzo Fernandez is currently playing for Benfica, but if the negotiations are successful, he would like to switch to a Premier League team.


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