WWE internally plans Gunther to break HOF Honky Tonk Man’s 454-day Intercontinental title reign according to reports

In the wild world of WWE, where muscles clash and egos soar, one man is on a mission to conquer the record books and etch his name in the hallowed halls of glory. Gunther, the relentless Ring General, shows no mercy as he continues his iron-fisted reign over the Intercontinental Championship.

Gunther swept past all challengers to become the longest-reigning International Champion of the twenty-first century with his accession to the top crown back in February.

The crowd roared in awe as he bulldozed through Mustafa Ali, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Xavier Woods, leaving a trail of shattered dreams in his wake. The dominance of Gunther knows no bounds.


WWE has big plans for the Ring General to smash all-time records

Whispers from the shadows reveal that the grand pooh-bahs of WWE have been hatching a diabolical plan—a plan to witness Gunther obliterate the illustrious record set by none other than “The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All-Time,” the esteemed WWE Hall of Famer, The Honky Tonk Man.

Prepare for fireworks, folks, because WWE has a spectacle in store as they aim to catapult Gunther into the stratosphere of all-time greats.

Word on the street, or should we say the squared circle, is that Gunther will soon lock horns with destiny. On that fateful Friday, July 28, Gunther is poised to tie the audacious 414-day reign of none other than WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage, better known as the legendary “Macho Man.”

The crowd will erupt, hearts will race, and history will be made. Mark your calendars, my friends, for a celebration of epic proportions on the following July 31 RAW from Houston.

Gunther closing on WWE HOF Macho Man Randy Savage’s intercontinental title reign

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Brace yourselves for a storm of magnificence on Wednesday, September 6, as Gunther defies the gods of wrestling to conquer Honky Tonk Man’s colossal 454-day reign.

Rumor has it that the September 11 RAW will explode with jubilation and festivity, cementing Gunther’s claim as the master of the Intercontinental Championship. Ever since seizing the title in a blaze of glory last year, Gunther has been a force of nature, steamrolling through opponents like a raging hurricane.

Gunther has been on a rampaging run since he won the Intercontinental title last year

The leader of Imperium asserted his dominance on that memorable June 10, 2022 edition of SmackDown when he pummeled Ricochet into submission. Since then, Gunther has wielded the Intercontinental Championship like a lethal weapon, leaving a path of destruction that now spans an awe-inspiring 359 days and counting.

The rumblings from backstage indicate that Gunther’s next opponent will be none other than the charismatic warrior Matt Riddle. A collision of titans is on the horizon, my friends, and it’s bound to shake the very foundations of WWE.

The date to mark on your calendars is July 1, when these two behemoths will unleash their fury at the highly anticipated WWE Money In the Bank event. So, my fellow wrestling enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for a spectacle unlike any other. Gunther is still on the rampage, and his desire for glory is unquenchable.

Prepare to see a legend take shape, enjoy a reign of unparalleled splendor, and experience the delicious taste of triumph.

Stay tuned for the clash of the Titans and hold onto your seats, for the realm of WWE is about to be rocked to its core!


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