Why did Logan Paul and KSI start ‘prime’ hydration drink? Exploring the real reason

Upon getting a fighting invitation from the famous rapper and YouTuber KSI, Logan Paul gave a nod of yes to lock horns with him. These two ring opponents had an idea that they brought to reality. The idea was to create a company together and see how their fans receive that.

Well, their plan worked out astonishingly well earning millions of income. So, let’s explore more about Logan and Paul’s Drink Company.

Logan Paul vs KSI feud

Social media sensation Logan Paul was approached by the rapper for a fight in 2018. He accepted and the opponents fought against each other as amateur boxers. The match ended with a draw however they reappeared for another fight a year later where KSI won via unanimous decision.

From their first bout, they developed a stressful relationship that went on for some years. But the fighters finally settled everything between them and became business partners.

When did they start the company?

The fighters established their company ‘Prime’ hydration energy drink in 2022. While their fans believe Paul and KSI are the ultimate owners of the company that’s not true. As per reports, each of the young boxers only occupies 20% ownership of the company.

The parent company of Prime is Congo Brands which recruited famous YouTubers mainly to promote the brand among its strong fan base. Moreover, since its foundation, the brand attracted huge popularity from youngsters in both USA and the UK.

What does the company offer?

Prime has been built over the spirits of the two boxing stars and it bears their electrifying persona. The drink started its journey to offer beverages that will cheer up the mode and is fit for any occasion.

Various flavors of the drink are available including Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, and Orange Mango.

As of now, the net valuation of the company is around £ 18 million and it is on the verge of entering the billionaire’s club soon. KSI and Paul’s venture is the epitome of what a friendship can do over rivalry. How do you see this collaboration of the fighters in the business arena? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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