Years after getting his girlfriend stolen by Edge, Matt Hardy sends message to Adam Copeland following AEW appearance

Edge allegedly informed WWE in the summer that he would not be returning to the company. After his debut at WrestleDream, Adam Copeland was warmly embraced by AEW, where Christian Cage, with the support of Nick Wayne, successfully defended his TNT Championship.

Matt Hardy also praised for Adam’s AEW debut performance. Although their fans have been bitterly competing against one other for almost two decades.

Matt Hardy reacts to Adam Copeland’s AEW debut

Adam Copeland, the biggest name to join AEW, has taken to social media to talk about his exit from WWE after his WrestleDream debut. The 1st of October marked the end of a WWE contract that had been in place since 1998.

The news of Copeland joining AEW has been met with mixed reactions from fans and experts. One of the first to respond was former partner and current opponent Matt Hardy, raising expectations for a dream tag team bout. Hardy Tweeted a group photo without any accompanying text.

While Sting and Darby Allin were being attacked by Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne, the unexpected appearance of Adam Copeland saved the day. This might lead to rivalry between Cage and Adam. The episode served as a great introduction to AEW for Copeland.

Adam Copeland
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According to Tony Khan, Adam Copeland will be featured on both “Dynamite” and “Collision.” He will be featured in an upcoming in-ring promotional piece on the Dynamite network as well. Copeland has left WWE for AEW, where he plans to work weekly after signing a “full-time” contract with the promotion.

Historic rivalry between Edge, Matt Hardy after infamous Lita affair

Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy have been involved in one of WWE’s most iconic backstage storylines. In 2005, as Matt Hardy was on the mend from a knee injury, his best buddy Edge cheated on him with his girlfriend, Lita. All of them were at the time active members of WWE.

After being together for six years, Matt and Lita got engaged to be married. However, after Lita moved to Smackdown, she had a romantic involvement with the married Edge. Due to his unethical behavior on social media, WWE terminated Matt’s contract once he discovered the affair and made it public online.

Adam Copeland
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After Matt returned to WWE to compete with Edge, the company demoted him to the mid-card in favor of a more prominent storyline involving Edge and Lita. The boundary between fact and acted drama was muddied, as described by Edge, because of their backstage enmity. He thinks his and Matt’s dispute solidified their standing as rivals in the singles scene. In addition, it helped Lita advance in the sport of wrestling.

Do you believe there is a chance of creating a personal plot although their antagonism now has little meaning in AEW? Leave your feedback below.


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