“Yo this is wild asf”: UFC champ Jamahal Hill shares shocking footage of police brutality against former opponent

The internet has been inundated with a disturbing video showing Dylan Kammeraad, an MMA fighter, being viciously abused in a jail. Jamahal Hill joined the hundreds of MMA lovers who spoke out against the horrifying prison abuse and demanded justice for his former opponent in the octagon.

What particularly does the Dylan Kammeraad video clip show?

The footage dates back to Dylan Kammeraad’s stint in a Michigan prison facility. The ex-MMA fighter was shown being thrashed severely and being stripped. Since there are numerous graphic features, many viewers find the clip to be very abhorrent. Many police officers are shown brutally treating the detainee. The old footage, however, didn’t get any attention until quite recently.

Dylan began his professional mixed martial arts career in 2017 by defeating Joe Haggerty in the Impact Fight League with a rear naked choke. DJ, however, was only able to compete in two more fights after that, and his brief career came to an end with a record of 2-1.

What did Jamahal Hill say about Dylan Kammeraad’s shocking torture video? 

Like everyone else, the current UFC light heavyweight champion is utterly surprised after watching the footage. The video, however, came as an even stronger surprise for “Sweet Dreams” because Hill battled Dylan back when he was an amateur MMA fighter. The Chicago native uploaded the video on Twitter and made everyone aware of the injustice in prison.

“Yo this is wild asf. I know and fought this dude as an amateur. And was the toughest dude I’ve ever before Glover. Our fight is online and to hear this is why he just vanished and didn’t fight again is sad asf!!! Hope you get justice bro!!!” Jamahal tweeted.

Dylan Kammeraad’s location as of right now are unknown. All we can do is pray that the MMA fighter is not currently suffering from the same tortures he experienced in the video, wherever he may be.

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