‘You guys are fake’ MMA fighter Charles Jourdain Blasts Jake ‘soy boy’ Paul in UFC fighter pay issue

Jake Paul is again being criticized for his past efforts to improve fighter pay in the promotion. Charles Jourdain called Paul out as the fake fighter while comparing himself to the real one. His latest tweet against the social media persona immediately went viral. People on Twitter are declining his opinion while supporting Paul’s words against the organization’s leader.

Jake Paul has been in a bitter feud with UFC president Dana White since last year. The issue was about a smaller payment circle for the fighters, whereas the company is making billions and billions of dollars. However, many people support the controversial character’s promotion. Even though some of the fighters didn’t like the way it was pursued, they stood up against it anyway. Recently, one of the UFC fighters, Charles Jourdain claimed some negative remarks about the promotion which leads to his backlash on social media.

In a tweet, the Canadian MMA fighter claimed the younger Paul brother was a clown. He also stated, “Keep sitting behind a computer and talking, martial arts are a way of life that a soy boy can’t understand. We don’t want you clowns to ‘help’ us. You guys are fake and make money by being fake. Can’t fake being a real UFC fighter.” In response, one of the supporters of the promotion added, “Why would you trash someone that supports you? He’s not claiming to be a UFC fighter; he just wants UFC fighters to make more money.” 

On the contrary, it seems the 27-year-old is nothing but ignorant about the situation. On the other hand, people are still praising Paul’s bravery against the low payment issue. Despite being controversial and hated for his past actions, Jake indeed made a great effort to promote the move for his fighter brothers.



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