Buccaneers receiver Russell Gage carted off to hospital following brutal head injury vs Cowboys

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered a significant setback in their playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys when receiver Russell Gage was taken off the field on a backboard following a frightening injury.

Gage was hit on the head by Cowboys safety Donovan Wilson during an incomplete pass late in the fourth quarter of the NFC wild-card game. Gage fell to his rear after the pass, and Wilson hit him from behind, snapping Gage’s head forward.

The incident occurred when Gage was already committed to the tackle and Wilson wasn’t targeting Gage’s head. Gage appeared to try to stand up from the hit, but couldn’t. He remained laying on his back. Players from both teams surrounded Gage as athletic trainers tended to him. After several moments, athletic trainers placed Gage on a backboard and eventually lifted him onto a cart, where he was taken off the field.

The game continued after Gage left the field and the Cowboys ultimately won 31-14.

Following the game, Bucs head coach Todd Bowles told reporters that Gage was taken to a local hospital and was being evaluated for a concussion and neck injury.

“They took him to the hospital right now, he has a concussion. They’ll also test him for potential neck injuries.”

He had a movement of his fingers on the field, according to Bowles. Gage was initially listed as questionable prior to Monday’s game after he injured his back on a touchdown catch in Week 18.

The injury to Gage is not the only big blow to the Buccaneers now but also they are out of the playoffs contention after their humiliating 31-14 loss against Dallas Cowboys in last night’s NFL Wild Card Round. Both Gaze and his team Tampa Bay Buccaneers will get enough time to recover from this jeopardy. We at SportsZion are one with our NFL fans and hope for the speedy recovery of Russell Gaze.



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  1. Dear writer, the playoff loss to the cowboys means their season is over. Their next game will be pre-season in August 2023. In the future you might want to have your work reviewed before publishing. A good editor would have caught this mistake.

    Best of luck to Gage, I hope he recovers.


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