“You’re going hell bro” Sean Strickland brutally mocks Jon Jones after Bob cat incursion at home

After an absence of nearly three years, Jon Jones is finally getting ready to compete again in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). However, just before his comeback match, Sean Strickland has viciously ridiculed the former heavyweight champion in relation to a series of tweets posted by Jon.

A few days ago, the American mixed martial artist did not have a restful night’s sleep, which he later said was caused by a bobcat that showed up in his house as an unwanted guest in the middle of the night. 

In one of his tweets about the incident, Bones stated that they were caught in a crazy snowfall in Albuquerque that night, which caused one of them to forget to close the guest house door all the way.

According to Jones, the next morning his little nine-year-old daughter Olivia walked to the guest house alone to grab a pair of sneakers she had left where hearing an aggressive hissing sound she jumped on a countertop, and a bobcat sprung out from underneath the bed. The bobcat eventually decided to run away after starting Olivia for a moment.

Jon expressed his gratitude in another tweet saying things could’ve turned out so many different ways and they have been thanking God all morning. 

The 35-year-old heavyweight is known for his deep and unwavering faith in God, which he has proclaimed numerous times throughout his career. Sean Strickland, who frequently generates headlines due to the controversial nature of his statements, did not pass up the opportunity to make fun of Jones in connection with the incident.

“This is what Jon Jones says when he wakes up in the morning after smacking his wife doing lines off hookers while being balls deep and his cock doesn’t burn the next day. Bro, come on man God don’t like you. You’re going hell bro read the Bible lmao!!! Maybe Satan is for you lol!” Sean tweeted. 

In mixed martial arts, Jon Jones has been phenomenally successful, racking up an unbelievable record of 26 wins and only one loss. Throughout his UFC career, which began in 2008 , Jon Jones has been a formidable opponent, losing only once to Matt Hamill.

Jon will fight Cyril Gane for the vacant heavyweight title on March 4 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


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