“I think it makes a ton of sense for us to fight at 170” Michael Chandler hopes bout vs Conor McGregor to be at welterweight despite Dana White announcing fight to be in lightweight

Despite the fact that Dana White has announced Michael Chandler’s next fight would be in the lightweight division, Chandler anticipates that it will be a welterweight bout against the returning fighter Conor McGregor.

Chandler recently in a social media live session shared his excitement toward his impending bout with Conor.

However, before their lightweight bout later this year, on May 30 they’ll both be coaching competitors on the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter

According to the announcement made by Dana, the fight between Chandler and Conor is meant to be a lightweight contest; nonetheless, the American has significant doubts about the weight class. 

“I have heard Dana say something about lightweight. (I’m) not even close to 155 right now, we’ll put it that way. I don’t like talking about how much weight I do cut or don’t cut or how big I am or what I weigh,” said Chandler. 

Iron holds a record of 23-8 in all mixed martial arts competitions, and 2-3 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is currently ranked seventh in the lightweight division. Chandler has had a long-standing desire to compete against Conor with a number of strategies up his sleeve to ensure that he comes out on top against “The Notorious,  but first and foremost, he wants to know what weight class they will be competing in. 

The 36-year-old fighter thinks it would be better if ultimately the fight happens in the welterweight division considering his and Conor’s current weight.

“So, I would love to fight at 170, I think Conor wants to fight at 170, I think it makes a ton of sense for us to fight at 170. So, 170 it is. Let’s go with 170. But, once again, like I said, I’m not in charge of that, I’m not in control of that. I have my wishes and preferences of course, but we will see what happens.” Chandler added.

In 2021, Chandler defeated Dan Hooker in his UFC debut and earned his first victory. The American boxer’s following four fights were all losses except for the one he won against Tony Ferguson.

Even he couldn’t avoid defeat at UFC 281 against Dustin Poirier which is the last time Chandler fought in the octagon.

In the battle that Iron and The Notorious currently find themselves in, who do you believe will emerge victorious?


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