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“All he has is a f**king mouth” Chael Sonnen dumbfounded by Tito Ortiz and Paddy Pimblett

Tito Ortiz is one of the earliest names in the UFC, along with fighters like Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell. He used to hold the title of light heavyweight champion. Ortiz’s bouts with Liddell, Forrest Griffin, and Ken Shamrock made him 2006’s highest pay-per-view attraction. Recently, in 2021, Ortiz made his professional boxing debut against Anderson Silva.

In UFC, the events are every day that players criticize, induce, and praise even other players. Tito Ortiz was not exceptional and followed the trend. 

Recently, on a podcast, Tito Ortiz bad-mouthed Chael Shonen. He didn’t pause there; instead opined critically on Shonen’s videos about Pimblett.

Ortiz induced Sonnen to “step up” and sign a contract to fight him once more on the most recent podcast with Pimblett. Regarding the history between Ortiz and Sonnen, Ortiz wants Sonnen to stop making excuses. Ortiz expressed it by saying, “We’re trying to get this p**** Chael Sonnen to fight, but all he has is a f****** mouth. I don’t like him. Either I’m going to punch him in person and go to jail for it, or I’m going to get paid for it. So, either one, it’s gonna happen. I just need the guy to stop making excuses. ”

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Sonnen is the one person, according to Ortiz, who he despises the most. Since the lead-up to their confrontation at Bellator 170 in 2017, Ortiz has been enraged by Sonnen. Ortiz and Sonnen met inside Bellator’s cage, and he caught his rival in an arched naked choke, forcing the first-round tap. With that, Ortiz took the round.

In The American Gangster, Sonnen is clearly portrayed as a villain in the podcast. As we know, Sonnen also took a jab at Ortz’s ex-partner, Jenna Jameson. Ask about Sonnen’s career. Sonnen began working as an MMA analyst for ESPN and, two years later, in 2016, founded Submission Underground, his own submission wrestling promotion. He also ran as the Republican candidate for the 37th district of the Oregon House of Representatives in 2010.

Later, he started his own YouTube channel, where he uploaded videos and showed off his analytical skills. He also talks about former fighters. For a long time, Pimblett has been the focus of his videos. Pimblett addresses how poorly made his videos are and requests that he should stop making videos about him. 

In response, Ortiz also added, “He’s always talking, talking, talking. He’s all bulls***. He has nothing to back it up. But you know what? If they’re talking about you, it’s good. ”

It appears that a lot of people don’t appreciate how Sonnen supports his ideas.

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