Anthony Davis under scrutiny for failing to meet Lakers’ expectations amid Bucks trade buzz

It is no secret that when the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Anthony Davis to their team, they had high expectations of him. He was supposed to be the missing piece that would lead them to NBA championships.

However, as another season comes to a close, Davis is facing harsh criticism for falling short of those high standards, which is why Anthony Davis is reportedly linked in a trade rumor to the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Stephen A. Smith criticizes Anthony Davis’ role in Lakers’ recent struggles

Stephen A. Smith criticizes Anthony Davis’ role in the Lakers’ recent struggles. The veteran NBA analyst is upset with how often Anthony Davis has been showing that he is injury-prone.

Smith believes that Davis getting injured too frequently is a significant problem for the team. Despite Davis being a highly skilled player, Smith thinks that his frequent injuries are not helping the Lakers. 

Stephen expressed his opinion on a YouTube video by Club Shay Shay saying, “I don’t believe in Anthony Davis in terms of his availability I’m not talking about his skill set, I’m not talking about whether he cares or not, I’m talking about injury-prone, sporadic. There’s something going on with him… It’s like this brother ate a healthy meal one day and a bag of Skittles the next.”

Smith believes that for the Lakers to have a chance at becoming favorites for the 2023/2024 NBA championship, both Davis and LeBron need to stay healthy and play at their best. If they can remain injury-free, the LA Lakers could be strong contenders as they enter the new NBA season.

Lakers reportedly consider swapping superstars with Bucks

Boxing enthusiasts are intrigued by the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers trading for Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks. Recent reports have fueled this speculation, suggesting that Giannis may have an interest in joining the Lakers.

However, forming a team with him alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis would be a significant challenge. Therefore, the Lakers might consider trading Anthony to the Bucks in a swap deal. An anonymous NBA executive has even mentioned that the Lakers have a chance to bring Giannis to their team, but it would come at a considerable cost.

The executive told Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports, “I don’t see (the Lakers) getting LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Giannis all together on a team. Either LeBron is retired at that point or you swap out Giannis and Davis. Davis is a Chicago guy, he was open to a trade to Milwaukee before. Davis, when he is healthy, is not really much behind Giannis and some would argue he is ahead of him.”

Anthony Davis

LeBron James’s contract with the Lakers extends until 2025, coinciding with the end of Giannis’s contract with the Bucks. This alignment could make the executive’s idea feasible, as it’s improbable for the Lakers to acquire Giannis in free agency, and a trade appears to be a more realistic option.

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