The Miz turns John Cena’s “you can’t see me” joke into a WWE segment, brutally attacks the ‘invisible’ WWE legend

The 16-time champion John Cena has finally taken a significant role in a WWE, hosting WWE Payback this week. The most anticipated match, LA Knight vs. The Miz, the biggest rivalry, finally unfolded before the live audience, with John Cena serving as the special guest referee. Despite Miz’s objections, Cena officiated the match fairly.

After LA Knight emerged victorious, Miz’s mood was far from pleasant, and it’s likely he will blame Cena for his loss. Although Cena refereed the match fairly, Miz’s reported unhappiness could potentially lead to a confrontation between him and Cena. 

The Miz turns John Cena’s “you can’t see me” joke into a WWE segment

Miz was frustrated with the outcome of his recent match against LA Knight. Consequently, on the RAW episode following Payback, he dedicated an episode of Miz TV to discuss his defeat.

Miz invited the ‘Invisible’ GOAT as a special guest, addressing the crowd. His intention was to question Cena about why he chose to be a referee against Miz’s wishes and whether he intentionally caused Miz to lose to LA Knight. 

Unfortunately, ‘Mike The Miz’ had to include the ‘you can’t see me’ gag in the WWE segment. Miz introduced ‘John Cena,’ but no one entered the ring, even after the theme song played.

Miz, looking confused, had to simulate a conversation with an ‘Invisible’ John Cena. Although much of what was said during this part may have been lost on the audience, they still appreciated Miz for staging such a creative segment.

The Miz

The Miz brutally attacks the ‘invisible’ WWE legend John Cena

Despite The Miz’s two-decade-long career in WWE, his recent RAW segment left many fans puzzled. During Payback, he engaged in a heated exchange with John Cena. It was a rare sight to witness a guest referee in the WWE ring after a considerable period.

The MIz

Thus, the 42-year-old wrestler invited the ‘Real’ John Cena as his special guest, but instead, an ‘invisible’ John Cena made a surprising appearance. The crowd reacted with boos, thinking Miz was trying to deceive them by impersonating WWE star John Cena.

However, Miz soon realized that Cena had actually tricked him. So, he had Cena sit down and began to simulate a conversation as if he were interacting with the ‘Real’ John Cena.

Miz is renowned for his microphone skills. Addressing the mysterious figure, Miz posed the question: ‘Did he favor LA Knight or accept payment to ensure Knight’s victory?’ While the audience might not have fully grasped the eccentricities of the dialogue, they were thoroughly entertained.

Frustrated by the unexpected turn of events, Miz simulated a scenario where the ‘Real’ champion was defeated by his ‘Skull-Crushing Finale,’ even though John Cena was nowhere to be found. 

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