LA Knight and The Miz trade bars at SmackDown ahead of heated matchup at WWE Payback

In this week’s WWE Payback, The Miz and LA Knight were supposed to settle their longtime feud in a face-to-face match. They’d been teasing and intervening with one other’s matches. Miz says Knight won’t last, while Knight calls Miz a “never was,” despite his experience and accomplishments in wrestling. After seeing them go face-to-face in the most recent show, fans are thinking the heated matchup is shaping up to be exciting.

The rivalry between “The Miz” and “LA Knight” commenced after “Mizanin” stopped his rival from challenging for the WWE United States Championship. Knight has been victorious in major bouts, including the SummerSlam Battle Royale, and it now seems to be time for him to fight for the title. 

LA Knight and The Miz get involved in heated altercation

At WWE Payback on September 2, The Miz will take against LA Knight. His teasing of Knight has been irritating him. People are aware that Knight has elements of WWE Hall of Famers, but they felt Miz went too far with his recent actions on RAW. Mocking someone like that could lead to a fight in WWE! 

Throughout his career, Ricker has hated nothing more than being compared to WWE megastars like “The Rock” and “Stone Cold” (both of whom he detested before the arrival of Miz). Before the payback match, he recalled it again from “Miz the Mess” very badly. Then Knight said he’s overcome challenges and is on a higher level than Miz.

Their loud and personal argument allowed Miz to create a chance to hit Knight. Knight attempted to grab Miz, but Miz countered with the Skull Crushing Finale. However, Knight recovered and attacked Miz on the entrance ramp. Miz then escaped with WWE officials.

LA Knight vs The Miz matchup preview on WWE Payback

In addition, The Miz’s mimicry of Knight on the microphone was spot-on. The audience on social media is making fun of their conversation that Miz destroys LA every time they get in the mic. But now, the commentator, Corey Graves, has to remark, “What a sore loser!” every time he leaves the ring throughout the action.

Miz’s words seemed to have really hurt Knight’s ego. They’re likely to go all-out against each other at Payback tonight because nobody is more confident than them right now. WWE Premium Live Events rarely feature such confident Superstars in a one-on-one match. 

In spite of this, Knight strives more in order to defeat his opponent tomorrow. It’s hard to tell who came out on top in today’s trade arrangement, but tomorrow you’ll have the opportunity to place your bets. Put in your two words below.  



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