Barcelona boss Xavi Hernández labels match vs Almeria as “The worst game of the season”

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is disgusted over his team’s performance against Almeria as the league leaders failed to pick up any points from the Power Horse Stadium.

It was a golden opportunity for the Blaugrana to take 10 points to lead over their arch-rival Real Madrid but an early goal from El Bilal Toure diminished the dream.

Barcelona missed a few clear-cut chances in sight of the goals which left Xavi fuming and the manager was not hiding his emotions at all when attending the post-match press conference.

“I’m very angry because we played the worst game of the season, especially in the first half. We lacked circulation, intensity, rhythm. We didn’t show the passion to win the game.”- Xavi reflected.

“In the second half, yes, but you’re trailing. It was a difficult match, a tough day, but we’re still seven points clear at the top. We failed, we apologise to the fans. It will be hard to win LaLiga, but we have to change our mindset. We didn’t show that we wanted to win.”- Barcelona manager was not impressed.

Barcelona is going through a tough run of fixtures with fixtures becoming congested making their job very difficult to manage the squad and the Spanish World Cup winner mentioned the robust situation.

“We’ve noticed a bit of fatigue, that’s why we’ve made rotations, we’ve changed players. We’ve been playing a lot of games, but we missed a golden opportunity, we could open the gap to 10 points, but it wasn’t possible. It was a bad day.”

“There is an Almeria team who are playing for their lives and we lacked that intensity and passion. The second half was different, but it was too late, they defended very well, they were very good in the box.”- Xavi explained.

However, Barcelona is still at the top of the table with a seven points lead and the boss is optimistic to bounce back despite losing against Almeria.

“Of course, we will stand up. People don’t think we’ll win LaLiga by a landslide, it’s going to be hard for us to win titles.”- Xavi has high hopes.


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