Casemiro, Bruno Fernandes exchange heated words after Manchester United’s win vs Newcastle in Carabao Cup final

Manchester United has now found a new habit of winning everything that comes their way after the arrival of Erik Ten Hag and the five-time UCL champion Casemiro.

Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes were there and the Brazilian came and stuck a team with the guidance of a boss who seeks perfection.

Casemiro scored the opener on a 2-0 victory over Newcastle United in the Final of EFL cup 2023 and Rashford followed up with a clinical shot deflected as Botman scored an unfortunate own goal.

However, at the dying moment of the first half, Casemiro and Fernandes has a disagreement following the Portuguese failure to kill the game with an assist rather than a shot and the two were arguing even after the convincing win. Crazy!

Manchester United Iconic captain and Sky Sports football pundit, Roy Keane was at the match and has loved every bit of the disputing between the two experienced campaigners.

“Are they arguing there?” Keane asked. “I like that, I like it, whatever they’re arguing about, it means they care.”

The former true leader on the pitch has full of praise for Casemiro due to the mentality and positivity he brought to the team which united the whole team together.

“He’s amazing and you have to get up close to him and see how good he is,” Keane said.

“He now understands the English game and if you look at the players at United, it looks like it is the first trophy that they have won, and these players are used to winning these trophies.”- Roy Keane is pleased and that is a good sign.

Trophies change mindsets as the Fergie era spiraled a run of league wins and the UCL finals began with a Carabao Cup. Erik Ten Hag is so so special.

Erik ten Hag told Sky Sports following the win: “I said before the game, Raphael Varane, Casemiro, David de Gea, they know how to win trophies. How to organize the team, not also technical aspects but mental aspects.”


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