Cavaliers PG Darius Garland got his ankle injured attempting layup vs Knicks in NBA playoffs

During Game 3 of the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the New York Knicks match-up, Cavs point guard Darius Garland suffered an ankle injury after stepping on a cameraman on the baseline. Despite this setback, Garland did hit a triple and the injury did not appear to be bothering him at the time. However, if the Cavaliers’ deficit does not decrease soon, the team may opt to give Garland some additional rest.

Unfortunately for Garland and the Cavaliers, the game has been a nightmare offensively. The usually dominant point guard had a poor showing, going 2-17 from the floor and 0-6 from behind the arc. This is surprising given that Garland made the All-Star Game last year and hit 41% of his triples during the regular season.

Despite this, the good news is that Garland did not go back to the locker room for further evaluation. While his ankle may have some pain, it is likely that there is no major swelling that could prevent him from putting pressure on it. Nevertheless, it may not be wise for him to continue playing in the game given his poor performance and the Cavs’ deficit.

If Garland is unable to continue, the team will have to rely on Caris LeVert and Cedi Osman to absorb his minutes. Ricky Rubio may also be a candidate to get some run at the point guard spot. Cavaliers fans will be hoping that Garland’s injury is not serious and that he can return to form in the next game.

Darius Garland: The X-Factor for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Playoff Success

Darius Garland is proving to be the key player for the Cavaliers’ offense in the postseason. In Game 1 against the Knicks, the offense was lacking and heavily relied on Donovan Mitchell, who took 30 shot attempts.

However, in Game 2, Garland stepped up and unlocked more of the team’s offense by playing aggressively and providing gravity to draw defenders. Even when playing score-first, Garland still managed to find the bigs and wings, finishing the game with 7 assists. When Garland is generating offensive pressure and his tempo is not disrupted, the offense flows much better.

How Cavs All-Star Darius Garland found his way in the NBA | Ideastream Public Media

Having both Garland and Mitchell attacking the Knicks’ defense opens up opportunities for other players on the team to generate more open looks on the perimeter. Garland’s willingness to accept the physical play of the postseason was evident in Game 2, where he made all 11 free throws he attempted. If he continues to do so, it opens up the floor not only for the bigs but for the other players as well.

Garland’s ability to be the Cavaliers’ connective tissue is crucial to the team’s success going forward. He needs to continue to play aggressively and provide gravity to draw defenders in order to benefit the team as a whole. If the Cavaliers want to sustain their offensive momentum, they need to keep relying on Garland as the key player for their offense.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently down 2-1 after losing game 3. Let’s see what Garland and Mitchell can do in the upcoming games.


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