Chael Sonnen implores Elon Musk not to launch Tesla in NASCAR, roasts the competition as “Scripted”

Chael Sonnen has implored Tesla CEO Elon Musk not to launch Tesla in NASCAR as he roasts the completion as being scripted.

Chael Sonnen, a multi-time UFC title challenger, was the king of trash talk in the promotion before Conor McGregor. Sonnen appeared to take the high road after his retirement and transition to sports commentary. His recent tweet on a NASCAR Cup Series race, though, has ruffled some feathers among NASCAR fans.

The 45-year old wrote, “I’m enjoying the frustration by folks who thought the Daytona 500 was a competition as opposed to scripted entertainment. The theories you have Of driving and it’s “techniques” are Precious. Pray to God in heaven above that Elon Musk does not enter a Tesla.”

Musk, the king of electric automobiles, has showed little interest in racing in NASCAR. Who imagined he’d be able to pull together a $43 billion Twitter purchase so quickly? As a result, dismissing the probability is not a good idea.

Sonnen’s tweet’s motivation remained a mystery. Though, for the former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight challenger, such a claim is nothing new.

 ‘The American Gangster’ was an exceptionally well rounded wrestler. In his MMA career, though, his aggressive fighting style resulted in him being caught in many triangle chokes. Because of his feud with middleweight GOAT Anderson Silva, Sonnen, a solid fighter, became a household name.

When both attempts at stopping Silva reaped no rewards, Sonnen turned his attention to Jon Jones and the Light Heavyweight Title. Even though there were many other contenders in the division, the Oregon native talked his way to a title shot against Bones.

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