UFC bantamweight Cody Stamann points out Henry Cejudo’s mistakes in his fight vs Aljamain Sterling at UFC 28

UFC bantamweight Cody Stamann is not usually the one to hold back his thoughts when it comes to the fight game. Stamann recently gave an interview in which he discussed at length the much-awaited UFC 288 bantamweight title bout between former champion Henry “Triple C” Cejudo and the “Funk Master” Aljamain Sterling. He also talked about his upcoming fight at UFC Charlotte vs Douglas Silva de Andrade.

Cody Stamann

Analyzing Stamann’s Insights on Aljamain Sterling and his Skills and How it Impacted Cejudo

Stamann, who is known for his well-rounded skills and relentless pace, pointed out where Cejudo went wrong in his fight against Sterling. The former champ, who had been on a three-year layoff, lost the bout via split decision, and while many have attributed his loss to “ring rust,” Stamann had a different opinion.

The mistake Cejudo made, according to Stamann, was underestimating Aljamain Sterling’s abilities. About the altercation, Stamann remarked, “I think people underestimate how good he is at controlling range and how he makes you fight his fight.

“I mean, I think Cejudo definitely underestimated him, and then he started getting smacked on the outside, he couldn’t find his way in. I thought they, I mean, I know a lot of people didn’t like the decision, but I honestly thought Aljo was up 4-1,” he said.

Cody’s insight into the Cejudo-Sterling fight is certainly intriguing, and it showcases his deep knowledge of the sport. It’s clear that Stamann is not just an exceptional fighter, but also a keen observer of the sport. Moving on to his upcoming fight against Douglas Silva de Andrade, Stamann is confident in his abilities and is ready to bring his A-game into the octagon.

Stamann’s upcoming fight at UFC Charlotte could be a great opportunity for him to showcase his skills and climb up the bantamweight rankings. Cody is a competitor in the UFC to keep an eye on with a record of 19-4-1.

Do you agree with Cody’s analysis of the Cejudo vs Aljamain fight? In your opinion, what could ‘Triple C’ have done differently during the fight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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