WWE to possibly strip Rhea Ripley of the women’s championship due to Dominik Mysterio leading to major betrayal

Rhea Ripley, an esteemed wrestler in WWE’s women’s division, currently holds the SmackDown Women’s Championship with great pride. Her exceptional skills inside the ring make it a daunting task for anyone to dethrone her. However, an unexpected turn of events might alter the course of her championship reign, and surprisingly, it could be the WWE itself responsible for her title loss, all thanks to Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio walked out of Hall of Fame ceremony with Rhea Ripley

Over the past year, Dominik has developed a habit of interfering in matches on behalf of Judgment Day, his chosen alliance. While his assistance has benefited wrestlers like Damian Priest and Finn Balor, he hasn’t hesitated to involve himself in the women’s division, particularly in support of Rhea Ripley. This recurring interference, combined with his overall demeanor, has transformed him into one of wrestling’s hottest villains, or heels, as they are commonly known.


Strategically, WWE now has an opportunity to amplify Dominik’s villainous persona with a bold move. Despite being a heel, Rhea Ripley garners consistent cheers from WWE fans. Thus, the promotion might want Dominik Mysterio to interfere in her upcoming match, ensuring she retains the championship. However, if Dominik were to carry out a controversial attack on a female competitor during the bout, WWE could strip Ripley of her title in response.

Unforeseen Betrayal: Dominik Mysterio Interference Threatens Rhea Ripley’s Championship Reign

Naturally, Ripley would feel disheartened by this development, but fate might have a cruel twist in store for her. Eager to cement Dominik as a full-fledged heel, WWE could orchestrate a scenario where he betrays her as well. Realizing that he no longer needs Ripley’s support, Dominik may turn against her and launch an unexpected assault. The ambitious Dominik Mysterio, fueled by his cocky nature, is unlikely to remain satisfied with his current position for long.

Rhea Ripley might find herself in trouble

In a dramatic turn of events, he might end up betraying his own “Mami” (a term used to address Ripley), ultimately being blamed for her loss of the championship. Subsequently, Dominik might even attempt to usurp Finn Balor and assume leadership of Judgment Day. However, this power play could result in him being excommunicated from the group, but not without earning considerable animosity, known as “white-hot heat,” from the fans.

The question remains: Will Dominik Mysterio betray his “Mami”? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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