Colby Covington reveals Donald Trump update hours after former US President’s fake death announcement

Colby Covington, the former interim UFC welterweight champion and Donald Trump, the former US president, have a sense of respect and understanding for each other. Colby is a hardcore Republican, and Trump is a huge fan of the MMA fighter.

However, on his son’s Twitter account, it was revealed that the former US president had allegedly died, which, upon further investigation, turned out to be a hoax as the Twitter account had been hacked. Chaos revealed some updates on the alleged passing of Trump.

Colby Covington spoils Donald Trump’s UFC 296 appearance

In a recent interview to James Lynch, Covington revealed that Donald Trump has given him a personal assurance of being ringside for his showdown against Edwards on December 16th.

In conversation with James Lynch talking about taking on Edwards, Covington shared that Trump will attend the UFC 296. The welterweight title challenger can’t wait for the event on December 16 as Trump will be in the attendance. Chaos also says that he will be wrapping the belt around Trump’s waist if he emerges victor against Edwards.

When questioned if he talked with Trump, he revealed that he indeed talked with Trump directly and claims that the former US president will be present in the first row. Colby further went on to say that Trump’s presence motivates him to win. Covington, a huge Trump supporter who has been seen with the former US President in the past, notably at Trump’s office, donning the iconic Make America Great Again cap.

On the flip side, Trump, an avid combat sports enthusiast, frequently graces these events with his presence. Given his close association with Dana White, whenever a significant event takes place, Trump has been in attendance. And now he will once again attend the event where, as promised by Covington, if he wins, we’ll see the UFC gold around Trump’s waist.

Covington labels Sean O’Malley “fuc*ing punk”

Colby Covington has his eyes set on the Welterweight title, but that’s not all, the welterweight fighter has eyes on the new UFC middleweight champion, Sean Strickland’s middleweight belt as well.

In a recent interview to James Lynch, Covington put forward his thoughts on the Adesanya vs Strickland fight, according to Covington, Izzy underestimated Tarzanand and didn’t trained hard enough as he should have and that is the reason why he got defeated. Chaos further went on to say that he just might move up and beat Strickland, calling him a “Fucking Punk.” Sean Strickland lost to Kamaru Usman, and Covington rubbed some salt in the wounds by saying that Strickland got his ass beaten by Usman; imagine what he’d do to Strickland.

Do you think Covington will hail as the new Welterweight champion? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section on the match up between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards.


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