Conor McGregor reveals intense faceoff pictures with Michael Chandler from UFC TUF 31 shooting

Conor McGregor has teased their high-stakes showdown on The Ultimate Fighter with new photos from the set featuring both himself and Michael Chandler.

Filming for season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter has nearly wrapped up in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the former champion of two different divisions serving as a coach on the television show. Notorious’s opponent in the octagon later this year, Michael Chandler, is also performing the role of his opposite team’s coach. 

What are the images released by Conor McGregor about?

Recently released photos on Twitter show The Notorious and ‘Iron’ facing off during filming for The Ultimate Fighter. The sight of the two UFC fighters coming face to face, seemingly about to fight, has already piqued the interest of many MMA fans.

Last week, more leaked footage from the set of TUF showed The Irishman storming into the cage and attacking his rival coach in a violent outburst. There is not much to go on based on the images that have been released to the public, but reliable sources have reported that there was a brawl between the two parties.

The Irishman will face the American fighter in the UFC soon after The Ultimate Fighter season 31 concludes, as confirmed by UFC president Dana White in February. Thus, contrary to these recently published images, a genuine showdown is imminent, most likely occurring in September according to the most recent reports.

In a recent interview, the former two-division champion stated that he and Michael Chandler have mutual respect for one another, though he did not attempt to downplay the rivalry that exists between them. When the 34-year-old fighter finally faces Chandler in a fight, he promises to be as ruthless as possible. 

Which of these two events, The Ultimate Fighter or Conor McGregor’s fight against Michael Chandler, are you looking forward to watching the most? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feedback.


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