Kyrie Irving shares heartfelt moment with suspended Ja Morant in Grizzlies’ victory over Mavericks following gun-incident controversy

It’s been three weeks since Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant appeared on Instagram Live with firearms in a strip club and got suspended consequently. In last night’s game against the Dallas Mavericks at FedEx Forum, he finally showed up for the first time since the incident.

On March 4, after conceding a loss against the Denver Nuggets, Grizzlies star Ja went partying in a local nightclub in Denver. At one point, he appeared with a gun in his hand while doing a live on Instagram and got the sticks from everyone in the NBA community.

However, it was supposed to be an awkward, even embarrassing moment for him to show up, but Mavericks star Kyrie Irving‘s sympathetic gesture topped every negativity.

What happens after Kyrie Irving notices Ja Morant?

The host turned the game around 180 degrees in the last quarter and won the game from a 13-point deficit against the Mavericks. Kyrie produced the best for his team, but they squandered a comfortable lead, and even after that, he managed to pull off such a heartfelt gesture with the Grizzlies star.

The Grizzlies fans showed appreciation for the 23-year-old’s decision to attend the game, and he finally got his moment with the Mavericks star. The duo shared a warm hug after the game and produced a friendly, pleasant atmosphere that washed away all the criticism the youngster was getting.

The two-time NBA all-star has dug himself a deep hole after practicing a pattern of unacceptable behavior that stretched back to his family. He had to undergo a rehabilitation program in the meantime, which helped him explore a humble, appropriate way of treating others.

Amid widespread hateful criticism and derogatory words from the fans, the Mavericks’ PG expressed his support as a fellow professional. “We all do things that we regret. But somehow, when you’re a celebrity and you’re famous, you’re under different rules,” Irving said.

Besides the ‘bromantic’ gesture, the Grizzlies fans were hyped up for Morant’s return to the court. Coach Taylor Jenkins also provided a hopeful message, as he expects the athlete to return for the game against the Houston Rockets on Friday.

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