“Conor one is fascinating to me”: Joe Rogan discloses “fu**ing nightmare” injuries in his opinion, shedding insight on Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman’s wounds

Injuries are a typical occurrence for fighters in mixed martial arts. Injuries can occasionally shorten a fighter’s career by a few months or even end it completely. In his most recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan discussed the injuries Chris Weidman and Conor McGregor suffered. 

The Notorious had been absent from the octagon for nearly two years since his last  fight against Dustin Poirier in which he suffered a deadly injury. Now that the Irish superstar has fully recovered from the fractured tibia injury he sustained on his leg, McGregor is ready to make a comeback against Michael Chandler in the latter part of this year. 

What does Joe Rogan have to say about Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman’s injuries?

Since the late 1990s, Rogan has been an integral part of the UFC. The extremely skilled MMA commentator has seen a boatload of fatal injuries firsthand over the course of his twenty-six-year stint in the commentary box. Recently, Joe Rogan covered horrendous injuries in an episode of his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

“The scariest injury to me in MMA is the shin break. Yeah, that’s a wild one, man. We’ve seen that three or four times. Now, and every time you see it, the guys really never the same again and.” Rogan said. 

Joe was shocked to know about Conor’s shattered tibia. The former two-division champion was 32 years old when he suffered the deadly injury. Conor’s collapse caused thunder to resound throughout the entire arena. Many claim that the Irishman abused illegal drugs to accelerate his recovery, even though almost two years is still a considerable amount of time.

“The Conor one is fascinating to me because we haven’t seen, I’ve seen him sparring and it looks like he’s like using that left leg and throwing kicks and everything. But how is that going to hold up in an actual fight?” Joe added. 

Similarly, Chris Weidman’s career was interrupted by a leg injury. In their UFC 261 encounter, the middleweight fighter suffered a broken leg against Uriah Hall. Due to his ongoing recovery, the 38-year-old fighter has not yet made a comeback.

“Look at Chris Weidman. He’s still f*ked. It’s been two years. I mean, you had real problems with that. He had to get it reset because the bones weren’t they weren’t healing together properly. It’s a, it’s a fu*king nightmare.” Joe continued.

Have you ever seen a fighter get injured similarly while engaging in an octagon combat? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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