WATCH: Jake Paul got caught escorting by Miami cops following Floyd Mayweather heated altercation

There are still new details emerging from the last month’s Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul encounter. Recently, it was made very evident in a video that The Problem Child was escorted by Miami Police following the verbal altercation he had with the legendary boxer.

What happened between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather?

Back in March, The Problem Child and Pretty Boy went to a basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers at the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida. Following the match, in which Miami lost to the Cavs 104-100, the two boxers were seen chatting outside of the stadium.

Jake and Floyd sparred verbally with one another at one point during their encounter. A popular video clip later showed that Paul suddenly ran away as Floyd was present there with a whole gang consisting of around fifty members.

What is the most recent information on the clash between Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul?

Since the beginning many have questioned whether it was just a joke or something more serious. Dana White, president of the UFC, even discussed the altercation but steadfastly refused to accept that it wasn’t faked.

Lately, Jake has claimed that the encounter was actually meticulously planned and was nothing more than a well-planned altercation. Yet, the YouTuber-turned-boxer claims that their attempt was successful because the video achieved its main objective of going popular on social media.

On a recent appearance on The W. A. D. E Concept podcast, the younger Paul brother addressed the situation in detail. The 26-year-old boxer said it was just an attempt to become viral, which they undoubtedly succeeded in doing.

“Yeah. It was [a PR stunt]. I still have like three or four things to unload on. 25 dudes. Yeah, [it was set up]. [Floyd and I] were like let’s set this up and make this go viral. And viral it did.” said Jake.

What does the newly disclosed video show regarding Floyd Mayweather’s altercation with Jake Paul?

Miami Police released a video almost a month after the confrontation that reveals there were police waiting on the side as Jake fled Floyd’s gang. Apparently, the policeman led Paul to safety. In essence, this demonstrates Jake’s claim that everything was exceptionally well planned.

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