Days after calling for major shake-up in UFC’s heavyweight division, Daniel Cormier slams fight night Austin stoppage as “worst in history”

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier finally made his reaction to what happened on the night of UFC Austin. As the year is about to come to an end, UFC’s first event of December month got the attention of the whole fighting community.

UFC Austin was an eye-catching event but the co-main event received the backlash from many UFC professionals. DC has always been vocal whenever something accidental or wrong happens in the Octagon. The former champ finally breaks his silence about the co-main event which ended in less than 3 minutes.

Cormier deems Green vs Turner stoppage ‘unacceptable’

Jalin Turner made light work of Bobby Green at the co-main event of UFC Austin. However, the referees late call allowed Turner to hit punch after punch on Green’s face despite the 37-year-old lying incapacitated. Earlier Dana White had also commented on what happened on the night of UFC Austin and called it the “worst” decision of the referee.

After looking at the late stoppage when Jalin Turner continuously smashed Bobby Green’s head, Daniel Cormier said, “I thought it was the worst stoppage in UFC history” on his latest reaction video on YouTube.

Watching live on the side of Octagon, Daniel Cormier explained how kids and people were reacting. The former Champion explained, “The concern on the face of everyone sitting Octagon-side was crazy. People were like [mimes a shocked expression], I saw a little girl next to the Octagon turn away, she turned away. Not a little girl, she’s a teenager, late, 19-twenties, she turns away because she can’t watch what’s going on in the Octagon, that’s how bad it was.”

DC compared the situation sarcastically with boxing drills, “Guys, I have said time and time again, when someone falls face down, there’s no need to count in boxing and there’s no need for follow-up shots.”

Daniel Cormier advocates for Tom Aspinall’s unquestionable championship

Daniel Cormier who had a long career in light heavyweight and heavyweight is in support of Tom Aspinall. DC, who had biggest rivalry in MMA with heavyweight champion Jon Jones, thinks Tom Aspinall is a deserving candidate for the championship since Jones is apparently not interested in a face-ff. At UFC 295 Tom Aspinall won the fight against Russian Sergei Pavlovich in the first round becoming the interim UFC heavyweight champion.

DC thinks the UFC heavyweight competition needs to keep running and the challenge for the belt needs to be continued. Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic both are not ready for any other opponent, they both want to end their career after this only fight.

“Jones and Stipe don’t need the title to be on the line. They can fight, and that’s enough. Call it ‘for the greatest of all time’. It doesn’t matter. Create a belt.” DC said per Yahoo Sports.

Jon Jones has beaten Cormier in both of their encounter and Stipe has beaten DC 2 times in their 3-match trilogy in the Octagon. Despite that DC didn’t shy away from sharing his facts and pointing out the fact that Jon Jones who was supposed to defend the title at UFC 295, got injured and may not be available for at least 6 months. Jon Jones has fought only once in the past 3 years.

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