Who Is Dell Curry’s Girlfriend? Let’s Know Who the Father of Steph Curry Is Dating?

Steph Curry’s parents Dell Curry and Sonya Curry had been happily married for over three decades until Sonya’s lawsuit over Dell Curry’s infidelity. Following their bitter ending in 2021, they chose to go off on their own.

At the very beginning, it was hard for Steph, Seth, and Sydel to digest their parents separation but they gradually came to grips with it. Now Dell Curry has moved on and found his happines in a women other than Sonya Curry. Let’s dig into the rumored girlfriend who snatched Dell’s heart.

Who is Dell Curry’s Girlfriend?

During NBA finals Game 4 between Warriors vs Celtics, Dell Curry, who had been rumored to be dating his new girlfriend, was seen in the stadium cheering on Steph Curry. Dell Curry’s appearance with his alleged girlfriend came to a cause for major blow to NBA fans, leaving game behind their interest.

The identity of Dell Curry’s Girlfriend is still vague however dell curry has publicly hugged a white toned girl in the gallery area of NBA Finals who has been alleged to be the former Hornets sharp shooter’s girlfriend. The couples interactive picture went viral in the social media and has created a massive rumor in the basketball world. Sonya’s Twitter fans claim that this is the girl Dell was accused of cheating with. However, Sonya was seen to be, as well, dating with her new boyfriend Steve Johnson, the former NFL player.


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