“Draymond Green is now such an offensive liability” Skip Bayless drops brutal truth bomb on the Warriors’ quarterback

If missing shots, giving away possession, choking, and committing offensive fouls is an art, Draymond Green is an artist then. Lately, Green is performing even worse than his regular performance. The worst part is, that he shamelessly admits in his podcasts and post-game interviews that he is aware of his off-form but isn’t doing anything about it.

His career average is 8.7 points scored while playing 28.5 minutes on average, which is not the best stats in the world. What’s more disappointing is that he is not even playing in his ordinary form!. Moreover, the NBA Finals is a grand stage for many aspiring athletes who only dream to reach this stage.

However, Green doesn’t seem to recognize how lucky he is to be a part of this winning team. The playoffs have been a drought season for him with scores like 2,2,9,4 while playing more than 30 minutes in the last 4 games against the Celtics.

American sports columnist, Skip Bayless has temporarily postponed criticizing King James and decided to go after Draymond!. Bayless says, “Maybe Draymond should go sit with the TNT guys and TALK about basketball instead of trying to play it”. He further added, “Draymond is actually hurting the team more than he is helping, instead of kicking and wrestling on the court he should focus on basketball”.

The 32-year-old has become a huge burden by getting carried by his teammates. However, Draymond thinks that his team is winning and it doesn’t matter if he performs or not.

Draymond Green says, “This is the playoffs man I don’t get caught up in as long as we win the game. Whether I’m playing or Wiggs is playing or Looney is playing or whoever else is playing, you could throw whoever out there as long as we win I really don’t care”.

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