Dustin Poirier predicts Conor McGregor to “overwhelm” Michael Chandler with his long-awaited UFC return

After almost two years away from the cage, Conor McGregor is finally making his return, and he has been challenging his fellow UFC rivals to face him in the octagon. Dustin Poirier, an old adversary of his, is already betting on Conor to defeat Michael Chandler in a potential matchup between the two.

The Notorious made his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut in 2013. During his decade-long career in this promotion, he competed in 14 bouts, 10 of which he was declared the winner. Conor has received a great deal of admiration for his success in achieving championships in two distinct weight classes, featherweight and lightweight respectively. 

In his last fight against Dustin Poirier, the 34-year-old Irish UFC fighter suffered a serious leg injury that has kept him out of action for over a year. McGregor has made a speedy recovery and is looking forward to a series of huge comeback fights this year. Conor plans to return to MMA training camp soon, but his weight gain over the past year means he may have to move back to the 170 lb division.

‘The Diamond’ recently released an interview in which he discussed the multiple opponents Conor could face. According to Dustin, Michael Chandler is the perfect opponent for Conor at this time because Conor would easily defeat the ‘Iron’.

”I would favor Conor [in McGregor v Chandler]. I think Chandler’s very hittable, Conor’s timing, you know. We’ll see with the layoff, [that] too might be a big factor for Conor, but yeah, I would pick Conor still in this one.” said Dustin.

Poirier also provided an explanation as to why he believes Conor has a better chance of winning the fight against Chandler. As he has triumphed over both of them, Chandler once and Conor twice, he has a nearly complete understanding of their capabilities and limitations.

“Conor’s longer than him, Chandler slows down, [if] he does wrestle heavy to avoid the striking with Conor, he’s going to slow down a little bit, and then he’ll be more in front of Conor, and able to get touched. I would put money on Conor if the fight happens.” Poirier added.

Conor’s last match against Dustin Poirier in UFC264

Do you think that Conor McGregor will be able to make a successful comeback? As an additional question, in your opinion, who would be the most worthy opponent for The Notorious?


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  1. No Conor is done. He’s too rich now. He lost the eye of the tiger. He mite beat some ducks in his come back but once he gets to a high level fighter and he gets cracked he’s done or of some one goes after the leg.


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