UFC fans go bonkers as Conor McGregor compares himself with chimpanzee

Conor McGregor can’t seem to escape the limelight. His absence from UFC for over a year and a half due to injury has not reduced his popularity in any way. This time it was a tweet where he compared himself to a chimpanzee.

In the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Conor McGregor is without a doubt one of the most controversial figures (UFC). The Irish mixed martial artist is someone who thrives on being the center of attention in the public eye, even when he is not competing.

The Irish UFC fighter has been sidelined for over a year due to a critical injury suffered in his last bout. With a lengthy absence from the octagon, McGregor has made a quick recovery. Conor’s divisive tweets, however, always kept his fans super excited.

How did fans react to Conor’s latest tweet?

The Notorious posted a tweet with a picture of himself working out and a chimpanzee together. Fans and followers of the 34-year-old fighter have gone crazy, with mixed reactions to the comparison. The following is a collection of some of the most hilarious responses.



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