Ex-UFC analyst claims Nate Diaz to earn big ”payday” vs Jake Paul despite fighting Conor McGregor in high-paying matches

Nate Diaz’s boxing match against YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has garnered significant attention and speculation. It is expected to attract a large audience and surpass initial fan assumptions.

A former UFC champion recently made a statement suggesting that the event could be even more significant than initially anticipated.

Expressing his views on his official YouTube channel, the ex-fighter acknowledged the challenging task ahead for Diaz but also stated that the Stockton native could potentially receive his biggest career paycheck.

Jon Anik defends Nate Diaz’s largest salary in Jake Paul bout

Jon Anik passionately supports the significant salary expected to be earned by Nate in his recent fight against Jake. Anik highlights Diaz’s immense value to the world of combat sports, considering his popularity and skill sets that attract a large fan base.

Nate’s authentic personality and fearless approach to accepting challenges have endeared him to a massive following. Going beyond the conventional boundaries of mixed martial arts.

Anik emphasizes that fighters should be fairly compensated based on their marketability and the level of excitement they bring to the sport.

Diaz’s substantial earnings reflect his impact and the tremendous interest he generates. Serving as a ‘well-deserved’ recognition for his contributions to combat sports.

Daniel Cormier had similar opinion on Nate Diaz

Daniel Cormier, a former two-division champion, shared his perspective on the Nate vs. Jake fight via his YouTube channel. He discussed the matchup, highlighting the fact that Paul opted to face Diaz despite having a rematch clause with Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul
Daniel Cormier gives his opinion on Nate Diaz-Jake Paul

Cormier also mentioned the significant payday associated with the fight, adding another dimension to the analysis.

“Jake had a rematch clause but instead of using the rematch clause, he goes and he fights Nate Diaz.” He said. “Now I believe this will be the biggest payday of Nate Diaz’s career and I know Nate has made a lot of money in the UFC.”

Cormier’s statement may hold true, considering the dedicated fan base of the former UFC lightweight. Furthermore, when we consider Jake’s own audience and supporters, there is potential for a significant payday for both fighters involved.

Nate Diaz

However, whether this event can surpass the records set by Diaz and McGregor remains a debatable question. According to online reports, Diaz’s fights with Conor still hold one of the highest pay-per-view sales in combat sports.

To surpass those numbers would require a truly extraordinary event, and a boxing match between Diaz and Jake could potentially be just that.

Turning our attention to the fight itself, Cormier highlighted the challenges that the younger Paul brother would present to the seasoned MMA fighter.

“Jake’s gonna be big for Diaz and Jake also is improving as a boxer. But Jake can also hit Nate and that’s the worry. Nate is the guy that does get hit because Nate’s tough,” he stated, pointing out Paul’s experiences as a boxer over the past few years.

Despite harboring doubts about Diaz’s chances in the fight, Cormier remains confident about the financial aspects. This bout could indeed become the most lucrative in Diaz’s long and illustrious career.

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