MMA star Daniel Cormier dismisses Tyson Fury and His chances vs Jon Jones in a highly anticipated bout

In a clash of combat sports legends, the legendary MMA star Daniel Cormier has delivered a scathing verdict on Tyson Fury and his chances against Jon Jones in an electrifying MMA bout. Cormier, known for his dominating fighting style and razor-sharp analysis, rates Fury’s odds as slim to none, likening them to a hapless bystander strolling into a neighborhood convenience store.

Tyson Fury

Daniel Cormier doesn’t like Tyson Fury’s chances against Jon Jones

The fiery exchange between world champion boxer Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Jones ignited after Fury took offense to Joe Rogan’s confident proclamation that Jon would undoubtedly triumph in a street fight against the pugilistic giant. Jones, didn’t shy away from a potential confrontation challenging ‘The Gypsy King’.

However, Fury swiftly declared his disinterest in an MMA showdown, a decision Cormier believes is for the best. “For the record, Tyson Fury stands no chance against Jon Jones in a full-on fight,” asserted Cormier in an emphatic statement on his YouTube channel. “This isn’t a knock on Fury.

“When it comes to pure boxing skills, Fury would conquer Jones without even breaking a sweat. But should they ever venture into a no-holds-barred battle, Fury’s chances are as slim as an average Joe attempting to overcome Jon Jones in an impromptu street fight,” he added.

“It’s a futile pursuit, and I say this not to diminish Fury’s immense talent. It’s the unadulterated truth. While Fury reigns as the world’s premier pugilist, his prospects against these elite mixed martial artists dwindle into the realm of impossibility,” he continued.

How did Tyson Fury get pitted against Jon Jones?

During his time as a fighter, Jon Jones himself probably did the most damage to his career. By the time he took a hiatus from the Light-heavyweight division, his fights were not as one-sided as they used to be. Many people also unboarded the Jones hype train owing to his drug use suspensions.

However, he came back at heavyweight and immediately dominated top-contender Cyril Gane. This seemed to have reignited the fandom’s love for him again. Some even started considering him a frontrunner for then ‘baddest man on the planet’ contender. Now Tyson Fury is also considered a contender for the same title.

This is why the boxing star got lumped in with the MMA legend time and time again. Which ultimately led to the online confrontation.

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