Ex-UFC champ Daniel Cormier drops optimistic take on Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones heavyweight showdown: “That fight would blow the roof on any arena”

As the dust settles on the recent Ciryl Gane vs. Jon Jones fight, former UFC champ Daniel Cormier is still hopeful for a massive heavyweight showdown between Francis Ngannou and “Bones” Jones. Cormier recently posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he voiced his wish to see Ngannou return to the Octagon and his conviction that a match between Ngannou and Jones would undoubtedly “blow the roof on any arena.”

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier Believes in Francis Ngannou’s MMA Return: Will He Prove the Doubters Wrong?

Despite Ngannou’s recent departure from the UFC in search of a bigger payday in professional boxing, Cormier is optimistic about the Cameroonian’s return to MMA. In fact, he recently questioned those who have criticized Ngannou for leaving the UFC, suggesting that “The Predator” may have things under control after all. Cormier, who is well-versed in the requirements for success in the Octagon, thinks that a matchup with Ngannou would inspire Jones and test him to the maximum on both a mental and physical level.

Of course, the road to a Ngannou vs. Jones fight is still paved with uncertainty. Although Ngannou is thought to be close to making his next move official, nothing is definite as of yet. Cormier will stay “all in” and anxiously await the day when these two Octagonal giants finally face off as long as there is a chance that this battle will take place. Francis Ngannou’s future in mixed martial arts has been hotly debated since he relinquished the UFC heavyweight championship and left the organization in quest of a higher paycheck in professional boxing.

Francis Ngannou: The Most Feared Heavyweight in MMA and His Uncertain Future

“The Predator” has drawn criticism for quitting the UFC and maybe passing up the chance to earn a huge salary, but former champion Daniel Cormier isn’t so sure. In fact, after seeing Ngannou’s recent social media post trolling his doubters, Cormier believes that Ngannou may have everything under control. There are still unconfirmed reports concerning Ngannou’s upcoming transfer, including the possibility of his joining the Professional Fighters League. But regardless of whether he faces Jones or another opponent, fight fans will be anxiously expecting Ngannou’s return to the Octagon as one of the sport’s most terrifying heavyweights.

About Cormier, he continues to be one of the MMA realm’s most knowledgeable and entertaining knights. His enthusiasm for the sport is amply clear in each video he uploads to his YouTube account. So no matter if you’re a die-hard devotee of the Octagon or a casual connoisseur of combat sports. Keep an eye on Cormier’s channel for the most recent information, juicy insights, and analysis on the combat sports industry.

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