Logan Paul’s ‘Prime’ partner KSI throws $1K at Joe Fournier’s face, sparking tense confrontation in chaotic press conference

The KSI vs Joe Fournier press conference was a spectacle of chaos and drama, which is not uncommon in the world of influencer boxing. Brawls erupted on stage and in the crowd. Even a fish was thrown before either fighter had a chance to speak.

The audience was an eclectic mix of celebrities, including OnlyFans stars, TikTokers, a rapper, an MMA fighter, and former heavyweight world champion David Haye.

As the main event approached, KSI appeared fired up, promising to dance on Fournier’s lifeless body after knocking him out. He quickly clarified that he hoped Fournier would wake up.

But not before making a counteroffer to Fournier’s previous offer to buy KSI’s promotional company for $10 million. KSI took out a stack of one-dollar bills, totaling $1000, and offered to buy Fournier’s club.

He then dramatically threw the money in Fournier’s face, only for it to be scooped up by undercard fighter Anthony Taylor.

KSI also claimed that Fournier had told professional boxers Chris Eubank Jr and James DeGale that they couldn’t come to his club if they punched him in the face, a statement that Fournier denied.


The face-off between the two fighters was predictably heated, with the pair literally butting heads. Even after posing for pictures, KSI gave Fournier a forceful shove to get back at him for the first press conference.

KSI vs Joe Fournier: A new champion will be crowned soon

Amidst all the chaos, OnlyFans star-turned-boxer Astrid Wett found herself in a physical altercation with social media influencer Alexia Grace, who threw water at her. Security quickly intervened to separate the two.

Despite their lack of experience against high-level competition, both KSI and Fournier are confident heading into the fight. KSI has knocked out every opponent except Logan Paul.

While Fournier has won all nine of his professional bouts by stoppage. Both fighters predict a knockout finish in their upcoming showdown.

When asked if he would secure a knockout victory in the upcoming weekend. ‘The Badass Billonaire’ was posed with the question, to which he replied:

“It’s okay to be afraid, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I was going to knock him out… KSI, it’s okay to be afraid.”

When asked if he would achieve a knockout win this weekend, ‘The Nightmare‘ responded with a confident affirmation.

KSI eyeing up another bout

“Yes, of course, I’m going to knock him out easy… I can’t wait to destroy you then, this Saturday bro.”

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