Ex-UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou calls out Anthony Joshua for bout, despite having intentions to face Tyson Fury

In December 2022, Francis Ngannou’s contract with the UFC ran out, and the president of the organization announced that they were working on new deals, but earlier this week it was revealed that the Nevada native had been released by the biggest MMA promotion due to several disparities.

After that, the predator vacated the UFC heavyweight title and was thus ruled out of the upcoming title defense against Jon Jones, and now he is exploring new possibilities.

Last year, when Ngannou was spotted celebrating with Tyson Fury in the ring, many fans speculated that there might be a possibility of an exhibition boxing bout between them.

And recently, talking to MMA Hour, the 36-year-old revealed that as a free agent, there is a high chance that he might appear in a boxing bout in the coming days.

“I still want to achieve something in boxing and I want to stay in MMA as well. I discovered MMA first in my life and I feel like I have some mileage to give in my sport.”

But Ngannou wants to continue fighting in MMA as well,

“In a perfect world, I go out there get some boxing match then get some MMA, depending on the challenges that are out there. If they are out there, I want to fight the top guys in boxing. I don’t know, I think Fury has retired and come back. I don’t know where Fury is right now, but now it is time.”

However, the 20-17-03 pro-MMA record holder expressed his desire to fight either Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua in his professional boxing debut.

“Before, we could not do anything concrete beyond the social media stuff. Whatever it is, if it is with Tyson Fury, I will take it. I have no problem doing boxing with 4oz gloves, we will figure it out. Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua would be my first ideal opponent.”

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