Ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen harshly criticized Conor McGregor’s “leadership” after “drunk” Notorious at TUF House video slipped out

The ‘Notorious’s return to the MMA world has been the talk of the town for some time now. The Irish landed in Vegas to film the 31st outing of the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) against ‘Iron’ Michael Chandler which is expected to premiere on May 30th. Unfortunately, the recent Conor McGregor drunk video has put a huge dent in the return.

Chael Sonnen decided to comment on the matter rather harshly,

“Drunk Conor McGregor at the TUF house, video slipped out. He’s leaving the TUF house, stumbling out drunk. Getting drunk appears to make Conor really weird. But what do you guys think about that? Does a drunk Conor McGregor stumbling around the TUF set interest you?”

“I’ve never felt that they go hand in hand. Co-mingling sport with some kind of substance abuse, I just think is weird. I do remember the first time I saw (Michael Jordan) with a cigar in his mouth. I was disgusted. I was just a little boy. It was so contrarian to what I had been told an athlete does,” he reminisced.

Is Chael Sonnen right about the Conor McGregor drunk video?

While we may criticize Chael for his rather spicy takes from time to time, we want to give credit to the man when it’s due. Conor’s unhealthy relationship with the ‘Devil in a Bottle’ is no secret to many combat sports fans. He even owns an alcohol brand named ‘Proper 12’ and is currently going through a lawsuit involving the brand.

While ‘Mystic Mac’ came from humble beginnings, his antics have only gotten worse with time. Some may argue that the Irish are beloved for this very reason but there is a limit to acting wild for a person of such caliber. Beating up a woman on international waters and forcing her to dive from a Yacht just to save her life will not buy Conor any favors at the court.

In some of his recent pictures, Conor showed us his children. Perhaps the former champ needs to take a good look at those photos himself and ask if all his behavior is acceptable. Will his children not hold him accountable for his actions once they grow up?

We hope necessary steps are taken to keep McGregor away from misbehaving at least as long as he is around other professionals.


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