Exploring grounds on why MMA fans think “not recognizing Jon Jones as the MMA GOAT is an insult to the MMA sport”

After defeating Ciryl Gane in the very first round to become the UFC heavyweight champion, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has clearly cemented his place as the greatest fighter to step inside the cage.

Although some people may bring up his dark past which consisted of him failing a few drug tests, it’s really hard to deny his accomplishments. The level of dominance he has imposed on his opponents, just the overall skill and fight IQ is hard to match.

After taking over the light heavyweight division from 2008 till his interval in 2020, Jones took a three-year break before making a triumphant comeback to destroy Ciryl Gane and win the UFC heavyweight title.

He hasn’t yet lost an MMA bout via knockout, submission, or decision to any opponent. And the only result in a game that is so wildly unexpected is Jon Jones getting his hand raised every time he enters the octagon.

It’s proven at this point. Jones has an unrivaled impressive resume. Even though St-Pierre, Silva, and other UFC competitors had outstanding records, Jones stands out for his stunning victories over legends, rising stars, and genuine title challengers.

Dana White noted during the UFC 285 post-fight press conference that Jones is a “special” fighter who has faced up against the top opposition and has never been “beaten” in the organization.

Who will Jon Jones fight next?

After defeating Gane in the fashion he did, the obvious fight for Jones will be heavyweight goat Stipe Miocic. The fight looked booked for international fight week in July but as per various sources, the fights look to be delayed a bit more. Jones recently wrote on twitter,

“Yo Stipe Miocic, only you the UFC and I know the truth,” Jones wrote. “You dodged me all of 2022 – July, September & December. Now I’m hearing rumors that we may not be fighting this July. Bro it’s simple, either you believe in yourself or you don’t. Either you want this challenge or you don’t. Stop wasting everyone’s time.”

White although seems confident about his skills of matchmaking, “I love making the big fights, making fights that should happen when they’re supposed to happen,” he told Pat McAfee on his show. “In the history of the company, since I’ve been here, right? Twenty-two, twenty-three years, or whatever it is. There’s only two fights we weren’t able to make: the Fedor fight with Fedor Emelianenko against Brock Lesnar, and then a Francis Ngannou fight. Not a bad record … and I’ll take it.”

Where does ‘Bones’ rank in your list of UFC champs?

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