“This could get ugly”: Packers reporter issues stern warning on Aaron Rodgers deal after Jets’ owner rethinks offer

As the ongoing drama surrounding Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ contract negotiations continues, a recent development has caught the attention of football fans and analysts alike.

The Packers starting quarterback spent the past 15 years with the team, grabbing four MVP awards and one Super Bowl Championship, however, his performance took a downturn from the previous year as he only managed to throw 26 touchdowns.

Packers' ideal trade package for Aaron Rodgers from Jets revealed: report | Fox News

Earlier A-Rod disclosed his intention to get enrolled in the Jets roster this season after returning from a darkness retreat. The Packers are also fully prepared to move on from their veteran QB to pave the way for the promising player Love Jordan in exchange for Aaron as the team sought the Jets’ first-round pick for 2023 along with a second-round pick.

What prompted the Packers reporter to issue a strong warning regarding the Aaron Rodgers deal?

Peter Bukowski, the renowned Packers insider, discussed the current trade situation of the Packer’s legendary QB Aaron Rodgers with other NFL insiders and reliable sources to shed light on the complicated deal and disclosed the findings on a recent episode of the “Locked On Packers” podcast.

Bukowski cited that the trade between the Packers and the Jets was almost at the end, however, the four-time MVP revealed on the Pat McAfee show that he was “90 percent” leaning toward retirement and the statement triggered the Jets owner Woody Johnson as he demanded insurance, just in case Rodgers decides to retire following just one year in New York.

“The Packers and the Jets had a deal in principle, and it was 90 percent done. Then, the Jets go out and meet with Aaron Rodgers, and Rodgers gives his interview with Pat McAfee about a week later, and that spooks Woody Johnson. The ’90 percent retired’ comment spooks Woody Johnson, and he does not want to give up a bonafide first-round pick in the future, and wants conditions and all sorts of insurance in the future”, he stated.

The Packers insider also harshly reprimanded the Jets for adding extra requirements after the deal was nearly sealed, citing “This could get ugly if Green Bay now feels jilted.”

“The reality is, if the Packers and the Jets had a deal, and that deal was undermined or just pulled out of by the Jets to add additional conditions, that’s not how this works. I can understand the Packers going, ‘This is BS. This is nonsense. This is not how you negotiate in good faith .. OK, now we’re going to make this hurt.’ This could get ugly if Green Bay now feels jilted”, he added.

Packers CEO says Aaron Rodgers will only stay in Green Bay 'if things don't work out the way we want' | Fox News

Yahoo Sports NFL insider Charles Robinson also cited the statement as the reason for a “standstill” trade condition on “Wilde & Tausch” on ESPN Milwaukee.

As the saga continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the stakes are high and the outcome of this potential deal could have a significant impact on the landscape of the NFL for years to come. The outcome of these negotiations will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of both teams and their quest for success in the league.


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