F1’s statement on Christian Horner’s ongoing Red Bull investigation draws fan outrage

Formula 1’s reigning World Champions Red Bull who are already in ‘hot waters’ surrounding the ongoing investigation of their Team Principal, Christian Horner, appear to be pretty ‘tight lipped’ on making any comments about the investigation.

This ‘in-house’ investigation by Red Bull has been going on for some weeks now, and is yet to reach a conclusion, ahead of the fast-approaching new season. Regarding the Christian Horner case at Red Bull, Formula 1 has finally made a statement on the issue after being silent all this time.

F1 acknowledges Christian Horner’s Red Bull investigation

Red Bull’s ongoing investigation of Christian Horner—who has publicly denied all allegations made against him—has taken a significant turn recently as the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that a female employee submitted proof of Horner’s ‘sexually transgressive texts’ to RB authorities.

This news report is surely adding a whole new layer of complexity to Horner’s investigation and is highly likely to stretch the conclusion into the 2024 F1 season.

Regarding this investigation by Red Bull into Christian Horner, on Sunday (18/02/2024) evening, Formula 1 has released its first official statement on the matter. The statement reported that Formula 1 has acknowledged the internal investigation by RB and hopes to see a conclusion at the earliest timeframe, as pressure mounts ahead of the new season.

The public statement by Formula 1 reads: “We have noted Red Bull has instigated an independent investigation into internal allegations at Red Bull Racing”.

“We hope that the matter will be clarified at the earliest opportunity after a fair and thorough process. We will not comment further at this time”, F1 stated.

From what SportsZion understands, Formula 1 wants to see the investigation done and dusted before the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix is held on 2nd March 2024.

Formula 1 fans react to F1’s statement on Christian Horner

Following the release of F1’s statement into the Christian Horner case, the Formula 1 community took off into a mix of ‘negative’ emotions. F1 fans soon flocked to the comments section to express their sarcasm and frustration about F1’s stance on the matter.

Pointing out F1’s late reaction on the matter, one fan expressed his sarcasm by commenting the following:

Another fan, letting out his sarcasm-anger mix of emotions, commented “they wanted to burn Susie after a completely made-up allegation from some journalist, but yeah whatever”.

Bringing RB’s ‘rules breaches’ into the mix, one fan commented, “They [Formula 1] noted it as they note RB’s infractions during races- only to do nothing about it”.

The ‘last of the best’ trolling comments from this collection reads, “They way the first sentence is written… someone got their p*nties in a twist to save themselves alright”.

If Red Bull decides to follow Formula 1’s statement, the Christian Horner investigation has to be solved within the remainder of this month, and everyone can head into the season pressure-free.

Can Red Bull conclude the investigation against Horner before the new season starts? Will the final verdict justify the lengthiness of the investigation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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