“F**k belts, just you and me in the octagon”: Brandon Moreno urges Henry Cejudo not to “retire” after Aljamain Sterling loss at UFC 288

Brandon Moreno, “The Assassin Baby” and the reigning UFC Flyweight champion, is not the one to back down from any challenge. Moreno has called out his former friend and mentor, Henry Cejudo, to a main event showdown in Mexico City. Moreno wants to settle the score with Cejudo once and for all, and he’s not interested in belts or rankings; all he wants is to step into the octagon with his former ally.

Brandon Moreno

From Betrayal to Redemption: The Brandon Moreno and Henry Cejudo Showdown

The story between Moreno and Cejudo is not a simple one. The two fighters were once close friends, with Cejudo even providing Moreno with food and accommodation during his early days in the UFC.

However, things turned sour when Moreno entered The Ultimate Fighter, and Cejudo dropped him from his team in favor of Alexandre Pantoja. But Moreno didn’t let that setback hold him back. He switched teams and trained with Joseph Benavidez, who was respectful and supportive of him. “The training with Benavidez was good. He was very respectful to me and helped me a lot too. It was a sad part of my life,” Moreno revealed to Ariel Helwani.

Now, as the reigning UFC Flyweight champion and ranked No. 10 on the UFC pound-for-pound rankings, Moreno has his sights set on Cejudo. Following Cejudo’s defeat against Aljamain Sterling by split decision at UFC 288, Moreno criticized his former friend on social media saying, “Don’t retire yet, please wait for me. I’m going to win my fight in July, and then we can finish business. Main event in Mexico City, I’ll go to 135 lbs, f—k belts, just you and me in the octagon!!”

Cejudo responded to Moreno’s challenge at the UFC 288 post-fight press conference, saying, “I guess now everybody wants a piece of me. I guess we’ll talk about it; I mean, money talks if the UFC wants to put it together, and there’s a nice little budget in for both of us; I ain’t doing it in Mexico, though, hell no. We can do it here in America or something like that. But I’m not opposed to any of it.”

The Battle of the Flyweights: Moreno vs Cejudo – A Clash of Titans and Redemption

The potential showdown between Moreno and Cejudo is not just about settling old scores; it’s about two talented fighters showcasing their skills in a highly-anticipated event. The UFC Flyweight division may be greatly affected by this historic fight, which sports fans would be keen to see.

However, before any of that can happen, Moreno has to defend his belt against Alexandre Pantoja at UFC 290. And Cejudo has to decide if he truly wants to return to the octagon. But if both fighters agree to the bout, the world would witness an exciting clash of two highly-skilled fighters with a fascinating backstories.

So, will Cejudo accept Moreno’s challenge? Only time will tell. The octagon awaits the return of the King of Cringe and the Assassin Baby. Who will come out on top? Let’s wait and see.


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