Francis Ngannou defends Conor McGregor against Shannon Sharpe’s evaluation of skills: “He has good ground game, too”

Conor McGregor is on the verge of making his return to the UFC cage. The former UFC double champ has not been in action for more than two and a half years since the loss against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Many fellow MMA fighters are in support of McGregor’s comeback this time. It is believed that Conor will look to fight against UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev once he gets back on track. Many are still in doubt about whether the 35-year-old would match the level of Makhachev wrestling. Shannon Sharpe is one of them, but Francis Ngannou feels otherwise.

Ngannou challenges Sharpe’s view of Conor McGregor.

Since Francis Ngannou joined PFL, Conor McGregor has always been in support of Francis. Conor congratulated him on his new PFL contract after the former heavyweight champion left UFC, vacating his title.

Later, Conor McGregor did raise his question about the competition in PFL against “The Predator” but maintained his support for Francis Ngannou per MMAfighting.

To support his former UFC mate, NFL player Shannon Sharpe commented on McGregor’s wrestling with perhaps not very encouraging words. He said Conor McGregor is one-dimensional when it comes to skills. Francis, however, didn’t agree with Sharpe’s remarks about Conor’s style of fighting.

In defense, one of the most vicious knockout punch artists defended Conor McGregor saying mixed martial art is not just about one skill. And compared how one skill competition can outplay an MMA fighter who is not experienced in that particular skill.

“He has good ground game, too”, the 37-year-old explained. “When they say you have a decent ground game, it’s not the best on the game. It’s a sport with multiple disciplines. You have to be decent at something. Most of the time, champions aren’t great at one thing. They’re just good at a lot of things. You just need to be good at a lot.”

Francis, who himself just lost the fight against Tyson Fury in their last boxing match, related the whole scenario in support of Conor McGregor.

McGregor expressed frustration with the Tyson Fury-Francis Ngannou decision.

The former lightweight champion Conor McGregor was also in Abu Dhabi to support his MMA colleague when both heavyweights, Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, collided in the boxing ring. The fight went for all 10 rounds and ended with a split decision for Tyson Fury. Later, Conor was found not that happy with how Ngannou lost the most-awaited bout by just a margin.

McGregor made remarks about how they make champions in boxing. Conor stated that the boxing management, to help their fighter get back up from injury, let him fight with someone who had never entered the boxing ring.

“The Predator” Fought after almost two years and his return to the boxing ring was all fans were waiting for. As or McGregor’s return, it seems the superstar will be back after all and has voiced his desire multiple times. Before going to watch the boxing showdown on October 28th, 2023, Conor McGregor made a statement after submitting the samples to the USADA test pool.

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