Francis Ngannou claps back at Tyson Fury’s ‘table tennis champion’ remark criticizing boxing authorities after disputed split decision loss

Francis Ngannou just went toe to toe with arguably one of the best heavy weight fighters to exist. Throughout the fight build up, a lot of fighters wrote off Ngannou even as an opponent and implying he would have no chance of winning the bout.

Ngannou shocked the world last night though. He only lost by a split decision but nonetheless he ended up being the people’s champion. He is now talking his talk post the fight, and even called out Fury on a lot of the statements he made during the fight build up.

Francis Ngannou slams Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou has been the talk of the town after his impressive performance against the lineal heavy weight champion of the world. Francis walked into the fight knowing that people thought he had no chance of winning the fight.

Ngannou proved everyone wrong though. He displayed amazing boxing skills. He was very patient with his shots, and his amazing physique was backed up by his impressive conditioning. At no point in the fight did he look uncomfortable.

Fans could not believe what they were seeing, that an MMA fighter who has never boxed before was going head-to-head with one of the best fighters of our generation.

Post the fight he did not stay quiet. He decided to let the world know that he was indeed the people’s champ. Throughout the fight build up, Tyson kept calling him a table tennis champion, so post the fight Francis decided to put this on his socials.

He posted pictures of instances during their fight where he had floored Tysson Fury. Ngannou captioned the post, “Table Tennis champion of the world ☝🏿 #FuryNgannou”

Tyson Fury defeats Francis Ngannou via split decision

The fight was very close, not an easy one to score but fans did have a rough idea on who won the fight. Francis did score a knockdown in the third round. No one expected Tyson Fury to get dropped by an MMA fighter.

Fury got up nonetheless and continued to fight his way into the fight. He did throw punches in more volume and repeatedly hit Francis with a simple yet effective one-two combination.

In the end Tyson managed to get the split decision win. A lot of fans were disappointed with that outcome as most people did believe that Francis won and that he was robbed. Regardless, Francis Ngannou walked out of the fight as the people’s champion.

He had his close friends and family to support him there. Even MMA stars like Connor McGregor were there to show their love and support to him.

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