Francis Ngannou desires to claim ‘respect’ and ‘dignity’ in boxing after brutal Anthony Joshua KO loss

Francis Ngannou’s foray into the boxing realm took a downturn in his recent bout against Anthony Joshua. The former UFC heavyweight champion endured a devastating knockout loss, casting doubt on his boxing future.

Nonetheless, despite this setback, ‘The Predator’ remains resolute in his quest to assert himself in the ring, aiming to regain “respect” and “dignity” within the boxing world.

Francis Ngannou Wants to Redeem Himself in Boxing

Ngannou’s first fight in boxing was a real test, throwing him against the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. He impressed everyone, even earning respect from boxing experts for his surprising skills. He lost a close decision, but it showed he could hang with the best. But the recent knockout by Joshua was a tough blow.

The respect he’d gained seemed to vanish as fast as he did. However, Ngannou isn’t giving up. His recent comments about needing to “claim” everything in boxing – respect, dignity, all – suggest a strong desire to return. He wants to silence the doubters who arose after the Joshua fight.

He’s determined to prove he can compete at the highest level of boxing, not just with unexpected talent, but with the toughness and will of a true champion. This isn’t just another fight; it’s personal for Ngannou. It’s a chance to rewrite his story and secure his place in boxing history.

Will Francis Ngannou Return to MMA?

Ngannou’s future remains a fascinating puzzle. While his comments hint at a potential boxing return, his existing contract with PFL for an MMA fight against Renan Ferreira looms large.

Negotiations with the UFC regarding his return are also a possibility. Ngannou’s decision will likely depend on several factors, including the financial offers from each organization and his personal drive to achieve his stated goals in boxing.

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Ngannou’s comments hint at a deep desire to redeem himself in boxing, suggesting an emotional attachment to proving his skills in the boxing ring. A carefully chosen opponent with a clear path to a title shot could be highly tempting.

However, financial considerations also play a major role. Both MMA and boxing promotions will likely offer him lucrative contracts, and the significant difference between a high-profile boxing fight and his current PFL deal could be a swaying factor.

Ultimately, Ngannou’s decision might come down to striking a balance between his personal drive to achieve glory in boxing and the opportunity to solidify his legacy as a combat sports legend by conquering both MMA and boxing worlds.

Ngannou’s next move will be closely watched by combat sports fans. Whether he chooses to redeem himself in boxing or return to the familiar octagon of MMA, one thing is certain: Francis Ngannou is far from finished, and his fighting spirit remains undimmed.

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