‘Give him a f*cking chance’ Kyrie Irving silences Ben Simmons critics to attack Net’s star

In the last game Ben Simmons played in, he failed to live up to expectations, and his critics took advantage of the opportunity to speak out. Kyrie Irving gave his thoughts on the matter following the post-match conference.

Irving is sick of the constant criticism of Ben Simmons as the basketball player attempts to recapture his All-Star title in Brooklyn after years of injury and failure. Simmons encountered to get anything and claimed only four points in 34 minutes of action against Giannis and co. Irving was realistic when pressed about how the team might encourage Simmons to throw more.

The All-Star stated, “I mean, I just think like if we’re going to come in and be honest as a team, I’m not trying to just be critical over what Ben’s done right or done wrong every single night,” Irving said. “He’s a basketball player, he’s a professional, he has the skills to be a great professional. He’s done it in the past and he hasn’t played in two years so you guys keep coming in here and asking me, ‘What about Ben? What about Ben?’ and it’s just he hasn’t played in two years. Give him a f——- chance.”

The seven-time NBA All-Star has supported Simmons before. After Ben’s debut with the Nets on October 19, Irving informed interviewers that he and his teammates had told Simmons “He is a valuable piece for us and we need him out there.” 

Following on, Irving said “We stay on his s— … we stay on him,”  “We’re just here to give him positive affirmations while he’s out there and just let him hoop. While he’s hooping and getting back into it, we’re going to have to really gel as a team in order to learn how to win as a group. It’s not an individual job to go out there and be superman. He doesn’t have to.”

Hopefully, Ky’s support for Ben won’t cost him any fines, since players have been punished in the past for using profanity language at postgame news conferences.


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