Guenther Steiner shuts down his $900,000,000 lawsuit rumors against F1 team owner Gene Haas

Guenther Steiner is arguably one of the most famous and controversial figures in Formula 1. The 58 year old is the Team Principal of Haas F1, a back marker team with a reputation for procuring surprising results in races. He is both loved and hated by fans as he doesn’t shy away from statements.

Guenther Steiner has been a part of Haas F1 ever since it started and it has been his dream project. He recently was in buzz due to rumors of a disagreement being carried between him and team owner Gene Haas.

Guenther Steiner addresses his $900 million lawsuit on Gene Haas

In a recent report from UKSports, Guenther Steiner has dismissed this rumor regarding him suing Gene Haas over an alleged deal. While talking to F1 Journalist Joe Saward, he jokes by saying that, “I told Gene that I was supposed to be suing him for $900 million,” talking about Gene’s reply he adds, “And he said: ‘Good luck with that!’”.

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Guenther was critical of these rumors and was very sarcastic about this new buzz, “Where do these stories come from? Who makes them up?”, he adds.

As he is a pretty straightforward man, who doesn’t hold back his words, it is very feasible that there was no such deal between them. It doesn’t seem to add up that the man who criticizes his drivers openly in the press for one bad weekend would even hide such a big lawsuit and decide to stay silent about, what is his right to have.

Why Guenther Steiner rumored to sue Gene Haas?

According to the F1Briefings, Haas F1 team, which currently holds a value of $900 million has a 50% stake of Guenther Steiner. It is said that Steiner and Gene had signed a deal in 2016 about Steiner having this 50% stake. Furthermore, Steiner was supposed to have asserted his right over the stakes quoting the work he had done and how this Formula 1 team has been his project, according to Steiner, “I think it has to be my passion project. I started this team. I went out and found an investor.”

He also commented on the rising value of the team, “Every week, we get offers for someone to buy the team. But it’s not for £1! It’s hundreds of millions now. It’s now a good investment and a good thing to have.”

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However, Gene Haas had disputed this claim creating an inner turmoil between him and Steiner. If Steiner’s was indeed true he would be the owner of a whopping $450 million. This huge amount of money which supposedly was his right maybe the reason why Steiner chose to defend his right over the stakes and wanted his share.

Although, now it seems that both Gene Haas and Guenther Steiner are on amicable terms. The way Steiner talks about his conversation with Gene, definitely suggests that there was no such dispute between them and all of this was a plain old rumor being circulated in the crowd. We would love to know if you knew about this lawsuit or have you ever come to know about this rumor and tried to find out more about it through Internet or any other means.


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