Max Verstappen’s subtle dig at Lewis Hamilton’s world titles turns out to be a ‘meme’ by F1 community

Max Verstappen, is one of the historic legends in the entire F1 Industry. He has won 10 races in a row after easing to victory at the Italian Grand Prix, leaving a mark of glory for his mentors and country. Starting his career at 17, the driver was an inspirational figure, in other words called a “ role model” to many young drivers.

However, the young driver was the subject of criticism from Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, and as a result, received plenty of negative comments from the audience.

Max Verstappen reportedly aims for Lewis Hamilton’s world titles

 Toto Wolff’s comment in which he said, “I don’t know if he cares about the records. It is not something that would be important for me, those numbers, it is for Wikipedia and nobody reads that anyway.” Verstappen responded by aiming a cheeky dig towards Hamilton over the amount of F1 world titles the Mercedes driver has won. 

As per the Daily Mirror, Verstappen said: “With Lewis, I don’t know for sure but I mean for someone who has won six world championships, you must know.”

At that time, Max Verstappen was corrected by the reporter who said Hamilton has seven world titles.

The 25-year-old replied: “Are you sure it’s seven, not six?”

After being told to ‘look it up’ by the reporter, Verstappen then appeared to aim a dig at Toto Wolff, saying: “I mean, I’m not very sure, you know, I don’t read Wikipedia.”

In lieu of this, Max Verstappen was receiving a lot of negative comments and backlash as he supposedly “insulted” his colleague. The entire situation was getting heated up until another piece of news came up from the F1 community.

F1 community points out the interview was a ‘meme’ and never happened

However, the entire matter regarding Verstappen being cheeky towards Hamilton was completely false, in fact a meme from Reddit as per the F1 community. They pointed out that it was an old meme made by Reddit and was made “viral” to make it look like Verstappen said it but it was not true at all. This interview was a whole made-up scenario and did not happen at all.

Fans were disappointed at the leaked false news accusing Verstappen without any reason, One of the Twitter users said “I didn’t know journalism means you can quote a meme made by the r/formuladank community and NOT fact check at all, I know some people just want to hate on him but come on.”

Do you think the false information leaked was a conspiracy to ruin Verstappen’s reputation? Feel free to let us know your opinions in the comment section below!


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