“Hate when fighters hit the Conor McGregor walk”: Fans slam Irina Alekseeva after debut win over Stephanie Egger at UFC Vegas 72

Irina Alekseeva, sometimes known as the “Russian Ronda,” had a strong debut at UFC Vegas 72 by knee-barring Stephanie Egger in the opening frame. However, her celebrations after the fight were heavily criticized by fans. Alekseeva, who missed weight by 4 pounds prior to the fight, did a cartwheel and even attempted Conor McGregor‘s iconic ‘Billy Strut’ celebration, which did not sit well with many fans.

UFC Vegas 72

Alekseeva’s Controversial Celebrations Overshadow Successful Debut at UFC Vegas 72

Some felt that Alekseeva’s celebrations were inappropriate, especially given that she had missed weight and defeated a smaller opponent. Despite the backlash, Alekseeva’s win marked a successful start to her UFC career, redeeming herself from the weight botch at the weigh-in. The fight started with both fighters trading on their feet before Egger initiated a clinch. This turned out to be a costly mistake as Alekseeva grabbed her opponnet’s leg and locked in a kneebar, causing Egger to tap out. While Alekseeva’s celebrations may have been excessive, her performance in the Octagon cannot be ignored.

The ‘Russian Ronda’ has proven she has what it takes to compete in the UFC’s bantamweight division with her excellent debut. To put it in perspective, consider the fervor, excitement, and intense competitiveness seen in the realm of combat sports. Irina Alekseeva’s UFC debut victory was a testament to the dedication and hard work required to make it in this tough industry. Fans’ reactions to her post-fight celebrations have been divided, with some appreciating her enthusiasm and others condemning her lack of modesty.

Irina Alekseeva’s UFC Debut Victory Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Fans: Celebrations or Lack of Humility?

As fighters, it’s essential to respect the sport and your opponents, even in victory. It’s vital to keep in mind that sports are about more than just winning, despite the fact that we might appreciate the thrill and theatrics that go along with them. It depends on your commitment, self-control, and sportsmanlike behavior.

Irina Alekseeva is someone we look forward to seeing more of in the UFC, and we hope that she keeps showing off her amazing abilities and love for the game while also being conscious of the principles that make combat sports so distinctive and thrilling. Keep punching and kicking, Irina, and may the force be with you!

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