UFC star Jorge Masvidal on potentially joining WWE: “As long as they pay me we could play”

Jorge Masvidal, also known as “Gamebred” or the “BMF,” is a retired UFC fighter who has made a name for himself in the world of combat sports. Recently, Masvidal has been busy promoting his new venture, the Gamebred Fighting Championship (GFC), which features the first-ever bare-knuckle MMA event in Florida. In an interview with ESPN’s Market Money, Masvidal discussed his love for martial arts without gloves and the risk-reward factor that makes it all the more exciting.

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal’s passion for bare-knuckle fighting stems from his own experience in the sport. He believes that the absence of gloves leads to more precise movements and a greater risk for both fighters. Masvidal explains that without gloves, submission rates go through the roof as there is no padding to interfere with the grip.

The fighters have to be more precise with their strikes, targeting softer spots on the opponent’s body rather than the top of the head. Despite the greater risk, Masvidal believes that bare-knuckle fighting is more authentic and primal, allowing fans to truly appreciate the sport.

Masvidal’s new venture, GFC, aims to bring this primal form of fighting to the mainstream. The event will feature numerous UFC and PFL veterans, including Roy “Big Country” Nelson, former PFL Champion Emiliano Sordi, and knockout artist Anthony “Andrew” Kawani. Masvidal hopes to use his platform and connections to bring more eyeballs to the event and give the fighters a chance to shine.

Jorge Masvidal on his new venture: Bare Knuckle MMA and the future of combat sports

Masvidal’s passion for combat sports extends beyond bare-knuckle fighting. He has also established Gamebred Boxing and Gamebred Vertical MMA and is in the process of launching Icon MMA. Masvidal’s experience in the UFC and his knowledge of the sport have helped him identify promising young fighters and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills.

In retirement, Masvidal has found new avenues to pursue his love for combat sports. While he enjoys the retired life of caviar, pickleball, and golf, Masvidal is also busy grinding and promoting his various ventures. For Masvidal, combat sports have been a lifelong passion, and he is using his platform and connections to bring new forms of fighting to the mainstream. Through GFC, Gamebred Boxing, and Icon MMA, Masvidal is giving fighters a chance to shine and fans a chance to witness the raw and primal nature of combat sports.

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